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Discover a taste of Italy at Di Capri, where authentic Italian cuisine meets exceptional flavors. Indulge in our carefully crafted menu, featuring a variety of delectable dishes made with the finest ingredients. From classic pizzas to mouthwatering pasta dishes, our menu offers something for everyone. Experience the true essence of Italian cuisine, right here in Doha. At Di Capri, we pride ourselves on using locally-sourced ingredients to ensure the freshest flavors in every bite.

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Paccheri Pasta With Seafood

70 gram of paccheri pasta with 250 gm of mixed seafood (Clams, Mussels, Shrimps And Calamari) in 250ml of tomato sauce

115 QR

92 QR


Beef Fillet

250 gram of beef fillet,50 gram of portobello mushrooms,50 gram of asparagus, 160ml sauce

195 QR

156 QR


Grilled Seabass

220 gram of grilled sea bass, 200 gram of wilted spinach

150 QR

120 QR
Spaghetti Aglio , Olio E Peperoncini With Shrimps

90 gram of spaghetti pasta, 70 gram of shrimps served in disposable dish

85 QR
Penne Pasta With Eggplant And Tomato Sauce

90 gram of penne pasta, with 30 grams of eggplant and 250 ml of tomato sauce

65 QR
Lasagna Bolognese

500 gram of lasagna pasta in bolognese sauce served in disposable dish

75 QR
Fettuccine Pasta With Chicken

100 gram of fettuccine pasta, 30grm of chicken, 15 gram of turkey bacon in 30 grm of mushroom white sauce

75 QR
Vegetables Soup

475 ml of vegetables soup, perfumed Pesto Served With Basil Crostini

45 QR
Mushroom & Truffle Soup

460ml of Mushroom & Truffle Soup Served With Parmesan Bruschetta

65 QR
Seafood Soup

0475ml of Seafood Soup , Cacciucco (Fish, Calamari, Shrimps and Mussels) Served With Garlic Bread

65 QR
Di Capri Caesar Salad

100 grm of breaded chicken, 2 pcs of quail eggs, 30 grm of green beans, 50grm of avocado, 20grm of parmesan cheese and 65 ml of pomegranate sauce

65 QR
Millefeuille Eggplant Parmigiana

250 gram of eggplant parmigiana served in disposable dish

75 QR
Spring Vegetables Risotto

75 grams of risotto rice, 80grm of grilled chicken

65 QR
Shrimps Risotto With Zucchini And Saffron

75grm of risotto rice, 70 grm of shrimps, 40 grm of zuccini

95 QR
Porcini Mushroom Risotto And Black Truffle

75 grams of risotto rice, 30grm of porcini mushrooms

99 QR
Chicken Breast

220 gram of chicken breast, 30 gram of porcini mushrooms and 50 gram of truffle potatoes

120 QR
Lamb Chops With Aromatic Herbs

240 gram of lamb chops, 200 gram of baby potatoes & Vegetables

145 QR
Assorted Grilled Seafood Venetian Style

220 gram of assorted seafood, 180gm of mixed vegetables

155 QR
Oven Cooked Marinated Salmon With Caponata

200 grm of oven cooked salmon, 200 grm of baby spinach salad

155 QR