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Discover the irresistible taste of Dice Donuts, Qatar's premier donut destination. With our wide selection of delectable flavors and unique creations, we are proud to be the go-to choice for donut lovers across the country. Our expert bakers use only the finest ingredients to craft each donut, ensuring a fresh and delightful experience with every bite. At Dice Donuts, we take pride in our commitment to quality and innovation.

Best Selling


Party Box

20 pcs mini donuts, 4pcs glazed,4pcs smoothy Chocolate,4pcs pistachio crunch,4pcs crispy crunch, 4pcs milky kinder

130 QR
Madness Box

9 selected mini donuts and 10 pieces of mix flavor bites

95 QR
Grand Box

15 pieces mini donuts, 3 pieces glazed,3 pieces smoothie Chocolate, 3 pieces pistachio crunch, 3 pieces crispy crunch, 3 pieces milky kinder, 10 pieces Nutella bites, 20 pieces kinder bites, 10 pieces pistachio bites, 10 pieces glazed bites

190 QR
All Time Favorite Half Dozen

Create your half-dozen box, with 6 of your favorite donuts.

70 QR
Pistachio Bites

Freshly made bites with pistachio filling, coated with white chocolate pistachio

20 QR
Oreo Bites

Freshly made bites with white chocolate coating, garnish with oreo crumbs

20 QR
All Time Favorite Full Dozen

Create your own full-dozen box, with 12 of your favorite donuts

120 QR
Cinnamon bites

Freshly made bites with white sugar and cinnamon coating

20 QR
Mini Bombs

9 freshly made mini bombs, 3 Nutella, 3 Kinder and 3 Pistachio flavors.

39 QR
Kinder Crunch

Freshly made donut with Kinder Crunch Glazing.

12 QR
Glazed Donut

Freshly made donut with sugar glaze

9 QR
Oreo Crunch

Freshly made donut glazed with white chocolate sauce and garnish with Oreo crumbs.

12 QR
Smoothie Choco

Freshly made donut glazed with milky chocolate sauce.

12 QR
Cinnamon Sugar

Freshly made donut coated with white sugar and cinnamon.

9 QR
Crispy Chocolate

Freshly made donut glazed with milky chocolate crunch

12 QR
Lotus Crunch

Freshly made donut glazed with Lotus sauce

12 QR
Nutella Snow

Freshly made Donut with Nutella filling and icing sugar coated

10 QR
Black Panther

Freshly made donut glazed with dark chocolate sauce

12 QR
Crunchy Pistachio

Freshly made donut glazed with pistachio crunchies

13 QR