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Healthy cheese puff with Light syrup

Carbs:37g , protein: 6.7g, Calories :354.

30 QR
Plain Omelette With Toast Bread

Carbs: 15G Protein: 17G Calories: 174G

18 QR
Egg & Cheese Sandwich With Vegetables

Carbs: 30.7G Protein: 20.9G Calories: 261

30 QR
Chicken Club Sandwich With Vegetables

Carbs: 40.5G Protein: 40.8G Calories: 388.

40 QR
Chicken Shawarma With Sauce & Potato Wedges

Carbs: 18g, Protein: 49.1g, Calories: 430

45 QR
Crispy Chicken Sandwich With Sauce & Vegetables

Carbs: 21.7G Protein: 41G Calories: 304

45 QR
Philly Steak Sandwich

Carbs: 23G Protein: 33G Calories: 287

48 QR
Beef Burger With Sauce & Potato Wedges

Carbs: 21.7 Gm, Protein: 37.5 Gm And Calories: 317

55 QR
Tuna Sandwich

Carbs: 22G, Protein: 24.6G And Calories: 369

35 QR
Chicken Alfredo Pasta

Carbs: 38.8G Protein: 52.4G Calories: 531

48 QR
Chicken Fajita With Rice

Carbs 45.9G, Protein 53.6G, And Calories 505

45 QR
Chicken Pink Pasta With Mix Sauce

Carbs 52.8G, Protein 58.2G And Calories 669.2

48 QR
Dynamite Chicken With Sauce & Potato Wedges

Carbs 55.6g, protein 53g, and calories 520

47 QR
Minced Chicken With Sauce & Potato Wedges

Carbs 30G, Protein 48.6G, And Calories 361

45 QR
Chicken Curry With Rice

Carbs: 46.1G Protein: 49G Calories: 481.

48 QR
Beef Steak With Stroganoff Sauce & Mashed Potato

Carbs: 35.46G Protein: 51G Calories: 442

80 QR
Special Beef With Rice

Carbs: 49.9G Protein: 53.6G Calories: 565

65 QR
Baked Salmon With White Rice

Carbs: 42G Protein: 37G Calories: 481

78 QR
Shish Tawook With Rice

Carbs: 45G Protein: 49G Calories: 432

45 QR