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Embark on a delicious wellness journey with Diet Station, your go-to destination for healthful, indulgent meals. Experience the joy of eating right with Snoonus swift delivery service. Dive into Diet Stations extensive menu and uncover the best deals that align with your dietary goals. Dont compromise on taste for health - let Diet Station deliver the perfect balance to your doorstep. Ready to nourish yourself the smart way? Order now through Snoonu!


Beef Medallion With Mushroom Sauce

Cal 567 Pro 43 Carbs 24 Fat 14

65 QR
Steak Slice and Mushroom With Rice

(Cal: 521,Pro:46.5G , Carbs 22G ,Fat: 11G) Beef-150G White Rice-150G Mushroom Sauce-150G

59 QR
Chicken Escalope

Cal 467 Pro 46.5 Carbs 18 Fat 8

39 QR
Grilled Salmon

Cal 402 pro 34 carb 7 fat 12

65 QR
Pasta Arabita

150g of penne pasta with spicy arrabita sauce and chicken (Cal:391, Pro:46.5g, Carbs :29.2g, Fat:6g)

38 QR
Chicken Saffron Pasta

Cal395 pro46.5Carbs29.2 fat6

39 QR
Mix Sauce pasta

Cal416 pro46.5 Carbs29.2 Fat6

39 QR
Alfredo Pasta

Cal394 pro46.5 Carbs29.2 fat6

38 QR
Salmon Saffron Pasta

150 g penne pasta with salmon & saffron bachamel sauce (Cal:474, Pro:31g, Carbs :29.2g, Fat:10g)

45 QR
Chicken Curry

Chicken cubes cooked in mild curry sauce 150g (Cal:565.5, Pro:46.5g, Carbs:39g, Fat:17 g)

35 QR
Mushroom and chicken sauce with rice

Cal 520 pro 45 cal 47 fat 15

38 QR
Chicken Biryani

(Cal:512.5, Pro:46g, Carbs 36g, Fat:18g)

38 QR
Shrimp Risotto

150 g shrimp cooked with mix risotto and cream sauce (270g) (Cal:466, Pro:36g, Carbs:22g, Fat:13g)

41 QR
Chicken Broccoli with Rice

Cal 555 Prot 41.7 Carb 54 fat 10.3

37 QR
Shish tawook with saffron rice

Cal 320, pro 44, carbs 40, fat 2

35 QR
Chicken Saffron Risotto

Cal521 Pro46.5 Carbs22 Fat11

39 QR
Grilled Chicken With Risotto

150 g grilled chicken cubes cooked with risotto (Cal:588, Pro:46.5g, Carbs :22g, Fat:11g)

39 QR
Rice With Vegetables And Chicken

(Cal:567.5, Pro:49g, Carbs 41g, Fat:22g)

39 QR
Grilled Shrimp

Cal 365 pro 32 carbs 39.6 fat 4

39 QR