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Diet Station

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Try Diet Station! a restaurant situated in Qatar and offers a variety of Salad, Healthy, Sandwiches that is delivered throughout Qatar. They provide a variety of dishes and meals to pick from and order through Snoonu app. Users have rated the restaurant with a 4.4 and reviewed it 173 times. Order now and enjoy fast delivery with Snoonu within 22 minutes.

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Shish Tawook with Saffron Rice

29 QR
Potato Wedges 150 gm

12 QR
Green Broccoli / White Broccoli / Carrots 150 gm

15 QR
Mashed Sweet Potato 150 gm

12 QR
Classic Salad

12 QR
White Rice With Grilled Salmon

Rice 150 gm / Salmon 150 gm

45 QR
Mashed Potato 150 gm

12 QR
Green Rice With Chicken

Rice 150 gm / Chicken 150 gm

28 QR
Saffron Rice With Grilled Shrimp

Rice 150 gm / Shrimp 150 gm

39 QR
White Rice with Tenderloin Meat

Beef 150 gm / Rice 150 gm

43 QR


Shish tawook with saffron rice

Cal 320, pro 44, carbs 40, fat 2

35 QR

24.5 QR
Chicken Saffron Risotto

Cal521 Pro46.5 Carbs22 Fat11

39 QR
Grilled Chicken With Risotto

150 g grilled chicken cubes cooked with risotto (Cal:588, Pro:46.5g, Carbs :22g, Fat:11g)

39 QR
Steak Slice and Mushroom With Rice

(Cal: 521,Pro:46.5G , Carbs 22G ,Fat: 11G) Beef-150G White Rice-150G Mushroom Sauce-150G

59 QR
Chicken Curry

Chicken cubes cooked in mild curry sauce 150g (Cal:565.5, Pro:46.5g, Carbs:39g, Fat:17 g)

35 QR
Grilled Shrimp

Cal 365 pro 32 carbs 39.6 fat 4

39 QR
Chicken Biryani

(Cal:512.5, Pro:46g, Carbs 36g, Fat:18g)

38 QR
Chicken Broccoli with Rice

Cal 555 Prot 41.7 Carb 54 fat 10.3

37 QR
Mushroom and chicken sauce with rice

Cal 520 pro 45 cal 47 fat 15

38 QR