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Best Selling

95 QR

Khoreshte Bamiyeh

115 QR

Masti Kabab

195 QR

Mixed Kabab


Soup Adasi

25 QR

Ash Reshteh Soup

Chickpea, Red Bean, Iranian Noodle, Herbs, Keshek (Dried Kishk)

28 QR

Mirza Ghasemi

Grilled Eggplant,Tomato, Garlic, Egg

28 QR

Paneer Kabab

Grilled Halloumi Cheese, Cherry Tomato, Basil

32 QR

Tahdig Fesenjoon

Iranian Rice Cake, Meatball, Pomegranate and Walnut Sauce

45 QR


Persian Leek, Pickled Olives

22 QR

Kashk Bademjon

Eggplant, Onion, Keshek (Dried Kishk), Mint

22 QR


Chickpea, Tahini, Lemon Juice

26 QR

French Fries

28 QR

Zeitoon Parvardeh

Olive, Pomegranate Paste (Molasses), Walnut, Mint

38 QR

Mahi Kabab

Hamour Kabab Served with Iranian Hashoo Sauce

75 QR

Joje Masti

Chicken Pieces Marinated with Our Special Yoghurt Sauce Served with Rice

95 QR

Chicken Koobideh

Ground Chicken Kabab with Saffron Served with Rice

85 QR

Joje Torsh

Chicken Marinade with Pomegranate Sauce, Walnuts

95 QR

Chenje Kabab

Lamb Fillet Kabab, Rice, Saffron Sauce

115 QR

Masti Kabab

Marinated Lamb Fillet with Yogurt and Spices, Rice, Saffron Sauce

115 QR

Joje Kabab

Special Chicken Kabab with Rice

95 QR

Torsh Kabab

Flavored Lamb Fillet with Pomegranate, Walnuts, Iranian Rice, Saffron Sauce

115 QR

Mixed Kabab

Koobideh Kabab, Joje Kabab, Shishlik Kabab, Chenje Kabab, Saffron Sauce

195 QR

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