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Dive into the culinary delight that is Dokkan AlKabab! Relish the authentic flavors of our kase kabab menu, a true testament to our mastery in crafting alkabab dishes. Each kase kabab is a symphony of taste, expertly prepared and ready to tantalize your taste buds. With Snoonu, youre just a click away from enjoying Dokkan AlKababs exquisite menu at your doorstep. Embrace the joy of indulging in our best deals.

Best Selling


Mix Sandwich

36 QR
Chelo Kabab Darbari ( Mix With Rice )

31 QR
Chicken Saffron Sandwich

25 QR
Kabab kofta Bowl Khaas

59 QR
Kofta Rice 

28 QR
Chenje Kabab Platter 

31 QR
Chicken (Joojeh) Rice 

25 QR
Chenje Rice

29 QR
Kase Kabab Special With Persian Yogurt

71 QR
Kofta (Koobideh ) Platter 

26 QR
Chicken Tikka Bowl 

57 QR
Roll Kabab Cheese

28 QR
Souses Bandari Sandwich

11 QR
Chicken (Joojeh) Platter

24 QR
Meat Tikka Sandwich (Double)

46 QR
Meat Tikka Sandwich

33 QR
Chicken Saffron Sandwich (Double)

36 QR
Chicken Sandwich

15 QR
Meat Kofta Sandwich

17 QR