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🌹 Awaken Your Taste Buds with Eau De Rose - A Culinary Journey Awaits! 🌹 Greetings, food enthusiasts of Qatar! Are you yearning for a dining experience that transports your senses to a realm of exquisite flavors and culinary mastery? Look no further! Eau De Rose invites you on a gastronomic journey that promises not just meals, but memories. Diverse Cuisine for Every Palate 🍽️ Eau De Rose takes pride in a menu that’s as diverse as the beautiful mosaic of tastes found across Qatar. From the early riser seeking a power-packed breakfast, to the sweet tooth craving a decadent dessert after dinner, and the adventurous soul looking to explore international cuisines - we cater to all. Our chefs, artisans of flavor, weave together Mediterranean inspirations with local ingredients to bring forth dishes that are both authentic and innovative. Imagine starting your day with a breakfast that reminds you of a Mediterranean sunrise, or ending it with a dessert that's a sweet whisper of the Levant's finest. Best-Selling Dishes That Make Hearts Flutter 💖 Our menu stars, loved by all and sure to be your favorites too, include: - [Insert mouth-watering description of a best-selling breakfast dish]: A symphony of flavors that dances on your palate, awakening your senses to the promise of a beautiful day. - [Description of a popular dessert]: An ode to sweetness, this dessert is a journey through the lush gardens of the Mediterranean, with every bite promising pure bliss. - [Description of a signature international dish]: A dish that tells a story, bringing together the best of worlds, crafted with love and the finest ingredients sourced from the corners of the earth. Ease of Ordering with Snoonu 4.7 📲 In the heart of Al Gharrafa, through the vibrant streets of Al Waab, across the serene landscapes of Baaya, and into the bustling corners of Bani Hajar and Lusail - Eau De Rose reaches you wherever you are.

Best Selling


Cheese Platter

Mixed Cheese

250 QR
Dipping Box

Enjoy three types of our delicious labneh dips. Spicy labneh and guacamole with 3 kinds of delicious crackers (crunchy zaatar, normal nachos and spicy nachos) and karak dalah

150 QR
Mini Croissant

24 pieces mini croissant containing ( halloumi cheese, turkey, scrambled egg, duo cheese, chicken and tuna )

180 QR
Sandwich Box

24 pieces assorted classic sandwich containing ( turkey with cheese, egg, chicken caesar, spicy tuna, halloumi cheese, labneh with zaatar )

180 QR
Cheese Platter (Mini Cup)

6 pieces mini cheese box

150 QR
Wooden Plate Cheese Platter

Selection of mix cheese

280 QR
Sweet Box

Waffles, Crepe, Mini pancake, French Toast

180 QR
Croissant Plain

30 QR
Croissant Sandwich

25 pieces assorted croissant sandwich containing (grilled chicken, halloumi cheese, pizza, duo cheese and smoked turkey)

200 QR
Danish Box

25 pieces assorted danish containing (strawberry, pistachio, mix berries and kiri cheese)

180 QR
Sabah Eau De Rose

Wonderful assortment of shakshouka, foul, falafel, grilled halloumi, olives, cream, honey and zaatar olive oil. Served with fresh bread basket And 1ltr orange juice or dallah.

250 QR

A box of special macarons with different flavors ( chocolate - raspberry - pistachio - salted caramel - lemon )

80 QR
Mini Sandwich Box

Mini sandwich box with Arabic bread (chicken shawarma, beans, halloumi, falafel, labneh) 25 pieces.

140 QR
Canapé Sandwich Box

Canapes Sandwich (halloumi, falafel, spicy labneh, turkey with cheese, cheese) Minimum order number (five dozen - 60 pieces)

210 QR
Bakery Tray

Assorted Bakery tray (Mix Danish, Croissants, Zaatar fatayer, Focaccia, Cheese fatayer. Assorted breads, cheese, vegetables, Olives)

220 QR
Eggs & cheese pan by Shamma

Pan fried eggs with tomato sauce and creamy cheese

55 QR
Dip & Crunch

Labneh dip topped with zaatar, nuts and chili flakes

57 QR
Burrata with za'atar Babka

Burrata with za'atar Babka with avocado and pesto sauce

65 QR
Eggs Benedict with Turkey

poached eggs with smoked turkey on homemade brioche topped with hollandise sauce

52 QR