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Best Selling

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Bacon Mac And Cheese

55 QR

Scheherazade Salad

83 QR

Grilled Salmon


Homemade Lemonade with Mango

25 QR

Freshly Hand Squeezed Orange Juice

22 QR

Freshly Squeezed Carrot Juice

22 QR

Banana Java

Espresso, chocolate milk, honey and banana – the ideal combination to kick-start your day. Wake up!

25 QR

Green Light

Spinach, apple, fresh ginger and mint. Go ahead its green and you are sure to run with this

25 QR

Pagé, A Tropical Paradise

A perfect blend of banana, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, mango and pineapple, all blended with our freshly squeezed orange juice. A multi-vitamin blast!

29 QR

Freshly Squeezed Apple Juice

22 QR

Go Bananas

Perfectly ripe banana, strawberry and yogurt with just a touch of honey – a classic blend that’s sure to get you going.

25 QR

Pb & J

Peanut butter and jam!! All the flavor of your classic sandwich swirled into a sweet ‘n nutty drink.Yum! Peanut butter, strawberry ‘bananas with honey ‘n yogurt.

25 QR

Honey Blue

Blueberry, banana and honey blended with yogurt. It’s rich in antioxidants, making it the perfect recovery drink. Detox!

25 QR

Freshly Hand SqueezedGrapefruit Juice

22 QR

Homemade Lemonade with Mint

24 QR

Soft Drinks

12 QR

Tropical Teaser

A mango, banana and pineapple blend with fresh orange juice in this taste of the tropics that’s packed with vitamin C!

25 QR

Homemade Lemonade

22 QR

Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Thickly sliced brioche bread filled with cheddar, Swiss, Gruyère and provolone cheeses, rosemary and maple sautéed apple slices and caramelized onions, and grilled until golden brown

52 QR

Club Sandwich

Our version of the classic deli sandwich includes grilled chicken, beef bacon, lettuce and tomatoes on toasted white bread.

54 QR

The Tuna Classic Sandwich

The perfect sandwich: a tuna melt panini with Swiss cheese and tomato concassé

40 QR

The Ultimate Blt Sandwich

The ultimate sandwich containing crispy beef bacon, lettuce and sliced tomatoes. Served with mayo on toasted bread

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