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Best Selling

55 QR

San Sebastian

55 QR

Tiramisu Bean

55 QR

Date Cake

55 QR

Umm Ali

45 QR

Soft Sangria


Cheese Platter Box

The cheese box includes a variety of cheese, biscuits, fruits and jams

150 QR

Sweets Box

Sweets box is a collection box that includes 5 pieces of hazelnut chocolate, 5 pieces of red velvet, 5 pieces of pistachio éclair, 5 pieces of date cake and 5 pieces of macaroons.

150 QR

Afternoon Tea Full Set

Indulge in the finest Afternoon Tea Set inclusive of filling sandwiches, delicious scones and decandent sweets

220 QR

Rolls Box

Rolls box is a collection box containing 5 pieces of chicken fajita roll, 5 pieces of musakhan roll, 5 pieces of club roll, 5 pieces of halloumi roll, and 5 pieces of caesar roll with 3 sauces which are dry tomato sauce, dip paprika and pesto sauce.

150 QR

Avocado Salad

Mixed Green salad with freshly sliced avocado, mozzarelline and lemon dressing

75 QR

Chicken Focaccia Burger

Mustard, grilled chicken, focaccia bun, selected fresh mozzarella, rocket leaves and tomato relish

105 QR

Saffron Risotto

Risotto with saffron mascarpone, topped with grilled chicken supreme

110 QR

Truffle Mushroom Risotto

Creamy risotto with a selection of mushrooms, fresh oregano and parmesan cheese

120 QR

Penne Arabiata

Classic spicy penne with tomato sauce and freshly grated parmesan cheese

90 QR

Pasta Bolognese

Slow cooked angus beef bolognese, rosemary and topped with parmesan cheese

105 QR

Black Fettucine Pasta

Black charcoal home-made tagliatelle with chicken and mushroom creamy sauce

120 QR

Fusilli Pasta Chicken

Rich creamy and cheesy fusili pasta with chicken and fresh basil topping

115 QR

Margarita Pizza

Rustic classic pizza margarita topped with fresh mozzarella

85 QR

Pepperoni Pizza

Rustic pizza topped with pastosa pepperoni and fresh mozzarella

110 QR

Vegetable Pizza

Rustic pizza topped with grilled vegetables

95 QR

Umm Ali Large

Traditional Umm Ali with croissants, fresh cream and roasted nuts, suitable for 6 people

250 QR

San Sebastian Cake

Large San Sebastian Cake for Gathering, can be cut into 8 slices. A unique dessert of cream cheese with a crust and an amazing burnt surface, covered with creamy chocolate sauce

350 QR

Umm Ali

Traditional Umm Ali with croissants, fresh cream, and roasted nuts

55 QR

San Sebastian

Unique confection of creamy crustless cheesecake with stunning burned top, drizzled with creamy chocolate sauce

55 QR

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