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Caffeine is great! Order your cup of coffee or karak online from Extra Shot Roastery and get it delivered fresh and hot right to your doorsteps.

Best Selling


Cinnamon Swirl

Cinnamon, custard and nuts.

9 QR
Drink & Sandwich

30 QR
Gathering Set of 4 Drinks

Choice of 4 drinks from the selection

60 QR
Gathering Set of 6 Drinks

Choice of 6 drinks from the selection

90 QR
Sandwich Box 8 Pieces

8 pieces of assorted Japanese sandwiches. (Tamago, Hokkaido Chicken & Tokyo Grilled Cheese)

75 QR
Dark Chocolate Cookie

7 QR
Dark Chocolate Cookie Box 4 Pieces

30 QR
Milk Chocolate Cookie

7 QR
Milk Chocolate Cookie Box 4 Pieces

30 QR
Beef & Tomato Flatbread

Beef mortadella, tomato, tomato sauce, cheddar and mozzarella

12 QR
Tokyo Grilled Cheese White Bread

American cheese on white bread

14 QR
Honey Toast Box 6 Pieces

65 QR
Honey Toast

Baked Japanese bread with honey and butter.

14 QR
Ethiopia West Arsi Drip Box 9 pcs

Green Apple, Molasses, Creamy

90 QR
Colombia Gran Galope

Citrus, Nutty, Mellow

50 QR
Ethiopia West Arsi Natural

Green Apple, Molasses, Creamy

60 QR
Ethiopia Bombe Natural

Berries, Red Fruit, Chocolate

60 QR
Specialty Turkish Coffee 250g (Grinded)

35 QR
Specialty Arabic Coffee Grinded

Not mixed, 300 grams

55 QR