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Falafel Sidheeque Cafeteria

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37-50 mins



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OpenUntil 12:00 AM

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Cheese Stuffed Falafel

12 QR
Classic Breakfast

perfect for any morning, it includes eggs, Hash Browns, chicken sausage patty, sliced bread and jam with choice of any hot drink

15 QR

A popular breakfast choice, it traditionally consists of vermicelli sweetened with sugar, cardamom, rose water and saffron, and served with an overlying egg omelette.

10 QR
English Breakfast

A better morning feast which includes 2 egg rolls, 1 hashbrown, 2 sausages, mushrooms, baked beans, sliced bread, fruit jam and cheese.

20 QR
Foul Mudammas Plate

12 QR
Boiled Egg Plate

8 QR
Keema Plate

Minced meat cooked with green peas in a tomato, onion, spices based gravy and served in plate with paratha

13 QR
Falafel 10 Pieces

6 QR
Shakshuka Plate

Scrambled eggs cooked with red bell pepper, tomato, spices, served with cheese topping and served in plate with paratha.

12 QR
Boiled Egg With Cheese

10 QR
Mutton Liver Plate

Mutton liver fried in the tawa and mix and cooked with arabic spiced gravy and served with 2 chapati

18 QR
Shrimp Pink Pasta

30 QR
Alfredo Pasta

Classic Italian pasta made of fusilli, sautéed chicken/shrimp, mushroom, bell pepper, herbs with Italian spices and cheese sauce

26 QR
Butter Chicken/Shrimp Pasta

Chef’s special fusion Conchiglie pasta with butter chicken/shrimp in cashew nuts tossed creamy sauce, cream of milk, secret spices and cheese sauce

26 QR
Makhani Pasta

Shells pasta with pan roasted chicken/shrimp in creamy pink sauce, cream of milk, topped with mozzarella, cheddar cheese sauce and garnished with mild spicy green chili fry

30 QR
Arrabbiata Pasta

Fusilli pasta with chicken in lightly spiced Arabic pink sauce, cream of milk, mushrooms, bell pepper and elevated to next level by mixing mozzarella and cheddar cheese sauce

26 QR
Keema Khubz

4 QR
Sandwich Special Khubz

7 QR
Falafel Keema Khubz

5 QR