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Fataer Ajeen is your go-to destination for delicious and authentic fataer in Qatar. Our mouthwatering pastries are made with love and care, using only the finest ingredients. With our wide range of flavors, including cheese, spinach, and meat, there's something for everyone to enjoy. What sets Fataer Ajeen apart is our commitment to quality and taste. Our fataer are freshly baked to perfection, giving them a crispy exterior and a flavorful filling.

Best Selling


Mini Breakfast Bowl 9 Pieces

Moutabal beetroot,feta cheese with vegetable,LAbneh zaatar,sesame hummus,spicy labneh,spicy foul,Hummus pesto,baba ghanouj,shakshuka, 3pcs falafel

144 QR
Breakfast Box 4 Bowls

(moutabal,labneh zaatar,sesame hummus,spicy labneh,hummus pesto,spicy foul moudamas and )8pcs Ajeen Bread

101 QR
Sandwich Box Of 12pcs

120 QR
Evening Box Sandwich 12pcs

140 QR
Morning Box Sandwich 12pcs

72 QR
Evening Box Sandwich 18pcs

210 QR
Morning Box Sandwich 18pcs

108 QR
Sandwich Box Of 18pcs

169 QR
Tortilla Sandwich Box 24pcs

Crispy Chicken , Halloumi , Falafel , Potato, Shakchouka, Cream Cheese With Honey

185 QR
Arabic Bread 1Pc

1 QR
Baba Ghanouj

Roasted eggplant,roasted bell pepper,onion,tomato,crushed walnut,pomegranate seeds,fresh mint,micro green purple

25 QR
Hummus Crystal

Comes with 2 Arabic bread

16 QR
Spicy Foul Moudamas

Foul moudamas,tomato,onion,garlic,tahini sauce,pomegranate sauce,micro green mix

25 QR
Feta Cheese With Vegetables

feta cheese,tomato,onion,cucumber,white sesame,black sesame,micro greens mix

25 QR
Falafel Bites 1Pc

1 QR
Spicy Labneh

Labneh jarish,Red chili paste,cherry tomato,crushed piatchio nuts,crushed walnut,pomegrnate seeds,micro greens color

25 QR
Moutabal Marinara

Moutabal mix,Roasted eggplant,Tahini,Labneh jarish,olive pesto sauce,crushed pistachio nuts,pine nuts,fresh basil,micro green sakura color

25 QR
Sesame Hummus

Hummus mix,chickpeas,tahini,sesame white,micro greens sakura red

25 QR
Hummus Pesto

Hummus mix,pesto sauce,basil leaves fried,pinenuts,micro greens purple color

25 QR