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Fatoorah Pastry: A Taste of Delight in Qatar Indulge in the mouthwatering delights of Fatoorah Pastry, a hidden gem in Qatar. With our unique blend of flavors and exquisite craftsmanship, we bring you a delightful range of pastries that will satisfy your cravings. At Fatoorah Pastry, we take pride in our locally-sourced ingredients, ensuring the highest quality in every bite. From our flaky croissants to our creamy éclairs, each pastry is handmade with love and attention to detail.

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Mini Safayah 24 pcs

Zaatar, labneh, muhammara, pizza, egg cheese

100 QR
Mixed Simit Box ( 12 Pcs )

85 QR
Mixed Box ( 40 Pcs )

100 QR
Mixed Simit Box ( 24 Pcs )

150 QR
Mini Special 12pcs

65 QR
Mini Original Mix 12Pcs

65 QR
Mini Special 24 pcs

mohamra, cheese, egg, spinach, meat, zaatar, parsley pizza

110 QR
mini original mix 24 pic

110 QR
Extra Mini Simit 30Pcs

120 QR
Meat With Cheese Special

16 QR
Meat Special

15 QR
Spinach Special

14 QR
Zaatar Special

14 QR
Jam Special

14 QR
Egg Special Pie

14 QR
Cheese Pie With Honey

12 QR
Honey And Cream Pie

11 QR
Simit Sukri

cheese, honey

20 QR
Nutella Pie

10 QR