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JM Pistachio Pain Au Chocolate

Our Jm Traditional Pain Au Chocolate Croissant, Double Baked And Filled With A Smooth And Creamy Pistachio & Almond Cream, Sprinkled With Crushed Baked Snow Sweet Pistachios

32 QR
JM French Almond Croissant

Our Jm Traditional Plain Croissant, Double Baked And Filled With A Creamy Smooth Almond Cream & Topped With Sliced Baked Snow Sweet Almonds

28 QR
Pistachio Financier

65 QR
Vanilla Madeleine

50 QR
Chocolate Madeliene

50 QR
Petite Traditional French Baguette

12 QR
Dark Rye Loaf

24 QR
La Baguette Française

A Selection Of Sliced Home-Baked Fresh And Fragrant French Baguette Served With Velvety Butter And Our Moderate Sweetness Homemade Jams

18 QR
Feryah’S Bread Platter

A Warm Selection Of Rye Bread, French Baguette, Fragrantly And Freshly Home Baked, Accompanied With French Butter

20 QR
Crobun Egg Florentine

A Flaky Sesame Croissant Bun Filled With Sautéed Spinach , Corn , Feta Cheese Topped With A Perfectly Fried Egg

55 QR
Shakshuka Feuilleté

A Delicate Croissant Bun Cradles A Harmonious Blend Of Zesty Tomato Sauce Infused With Peppers, And A Perfectly Cooked Egg, All Crowned With The Creamy Richness Of Feta And A Sprinkle Of Fresh Parsley

47 QR
Crispy Feta Fried Egg

A Perfectly Fried Egg Rests Atop A Crispy Nest Of Feta Cheese, Infused With The Vibrant Flavors Of Pesto, All Nestled On A Bed Of Smashed Avocado, On Hearty Rye Bread

48 QR
Feryah’S Shakshuka

The Authenticity Of The Gulf Meets The French Baguette In A Heavenly Match. A Plate Of Baked Eggs In A Spiced Tomato Sauce With Peppers And Onions Topped With Hint Of Labneh And Zaatar

55 QR
Feryah’S Soft Scrambled

Flavorful Scrambled Eggs With Ricotta Cheese, And Smoked Sweet Paprika Served On Toasted Rye Bread

47 QR
The Fluffy Classic Omelette

The Charm Of A Fluffy Classic Omelette With Sautéed Mushrooms And Melted Cheese

52 QR
The Chicken & Corn Feuilleté

Our Delicate Corn Feuilleté Is A Work Of Art Featuring Layers Of Flaky Homemade Mille-Feuille Pastry, Filled With A Velvety Chicken - Corn Velouté Cream Sauce And Topped With Sweet Tender Corn, Seasoned With Smoked Sweet Paprika

48 QR
Chicken Mushroom Vol-Au-Vent

Delight In The Decadence Of Our Creamy Chicken Mushroom Vol-Au-Vent, A Homemade Classic French Pastry Shell Filled With A Creamy Blend Of Tender Chicken, Sautéed Mushrooms And Tender Asparagus Seasoned With Fragrant Herbs And Spices

48 QR
Parmigiana Rose

Tender Slices Of Roasted Eggplant Are Elegantly Rolled in a croissant bun around a creamy, tangy filling of Crumbled Feta Cheese. To Elevate This Masterpiece, It'S Generously Crowned With A Sweet And Spicy Tomato Chutney

46 QR
Fleur De Burrata “Pizzetta”

A Delicate Flower Of A Flaky Croissant Tartlet, With Pesto-Injected Burrata Cheese On A Tomato Compote Layer

49 QR