Float Cafe

Delivery time

51-56 Min


11.83 km

Working hours

OpenUntil 10:00 am




Ice Americano

Double shot of espresso with iced water.

18 QR

Ice Spanish Latte

Cold Sweetened Layered beverage with Espresso shot

24 QR

Ice Latte

Cold Medium Layered beverage with Espresso shot

20 QR

Pink Latte Non Coffee

Cold sweetened blend milk and sakura powder

25 QR

Ice White Forest

Cold Coffee with white Chocolate

24 QR

Ice Zebra Mocha

Cold Coffee with Chocolate and white Chocolate

25 QR

Tiramisu Ice Shaken

Fresh espresso blends with tiramisu ice cream and milk.

40 QR

Feezy Americano

Cold beverage with sparkling twist

22 QR

Ice V60

24 QR

Brazil - Beneficio Pedra Branca 250 Grams

Natural pulped process, cupping notes creamy milk chocolate, almond and apple

75 QR

Ethiopia - Guji Uraga Solomo 250 Grams

Natural processed, cupping notes peach, complex, floral and black currant jam

85 QR

Indonesia - East Java 250 Grams

Anaerobic natural processed, cupping notes strawberry, cacao, complex and orange

180 QR

Mango Cake

Made with real mango taste and moist cake.

35 QR


Coffee rich base blend

12 QR


18 QR


Medium layered beverage with Espresso shot

20 QR

Spanish Latte

Sweetened layered beverage with espresso shot

24 QR

Flat White

Milk enriched with espresso shot

20 QR


Foamy steamed milk with fresh espresso shot

20 QR

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