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Experience the ultimate dining experience at Float Cafe, your go-to destination for delicious meals in Qatar. With our unique blend of flavors and exceptional service, we stand out from the crowd as a top-notch dining establishment. At Float Cafe, we take pride in serving up an array of mouthwatering dishes that are sure to satisfy your cravings. From our signature breakfast options to our delectable lunch and dinner offerings, we have something to please every palate.

Best Selling


Tiramisu Ice Shaken

Fresh espresso blends with tiramisu ice cream and milk.

40 QR

Black enrich coffee

18 QR

Medium layered beverage with Espresso shot

20 QR
Spanish Latte

Sweetened layered beverage with espresso shot

24 QR

Coffee rich base blend

12 QR
Flat White

Milk enriched with espresso shot

20 QR

Drip Coffee

24 QR
Spicy Tuna Sandwich

Brown grain bread with spicy tuna filling

25 QR

Foamy steamed milk with fresh espresso shot

20 QR
Halloumi Sandwich

Grilled Halloumi with zaatar powder and dry tomato in crispy brown toast Sandwich

30 QR
Caramel Latte

Milk-based beverage with espresso shot sweetened with caramel.

22 QR
Mix Cheese Sandwich

Crispy, Toastie and Loaded with 3 Melted Mix Cheese

25 QR
Iced V60

Drip Coffee

24 QR

Coffee and milk blend

20 QR
Feezy Americano

Cold beverage with sparkling twist

22 QR
Iced Spanish Latte

Cold Sweetened Layered beverage with Espresso shot

24 QR
Pink Latte Non Coffee

Cold sweetened blend of milk and sakura powder

25 QR
Iced Zebra Mocha

Cold Coffee with Chocolate and white Chocolate

25 QR
Iced Latte

Cold Medium Layered beverage with Espresso shot

20 QR