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Welcome to Flocafe Espresso Room, your go-to destination for premium coffee and delectable treats in Qatar. We take pride in offering an unparalleled coffee experience that sets us apart from the rest. Indulge in our wide range of specialty coffees, carefully crafted by our skilled baristas using the finest beans. At Flocafe Espresso Room, we believe in exceeding your expectations.

Best Selling


Double Espresso

16 QR

14 QR

Espresso with Full Fat Micro Foamed Milk

21 QR

Espresso With Little Amount Of Micro Foamed Milk

23 QR

Espresso With Hot Water

16 QR

Espresso With Steamed Milk

22 QR

Espresso With Full Fat Micro Foamed Milk

17 QR
Cappuccino Vegan

Espresso with Plant Based Micro Foamed Milk

25 QR
Flat White

Espresso With Micro Foamed

24 QR
Spanish Latte

Double Espresso With Milk And Condensed Milk

24 QR
Mocca Latte W/ Flavors

Espresso With Milk And Choices Of Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate

25 QR
Cold Black Eye

Combination Of Cold Brew And Double Shot Coffee

28 QR
Iced Cappuccino Vegan

Iced Espresso With Plant Base Milk Foam On The Top

25 QR
Iced Spanish Latte

Double Espresso With Ice And Full Fat Milk Mixed With Condensed Milk.

24 QR
Iced Americano

Espresso With Cold Water And Ice

20 QR
Iced Espresso (Freddo)

Greek Way Of Iced Coffee

18 QR
Iced Cappuccino (Freddo)

Iced Espresso With Milk Foam On The Top

20 QR
Iced Latte

Single Espresso With Ice And Milk 200Ml

22 QR
Iced Flat White

Double Shot Espresso With Ice And Milk

24 QR