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Try Gaimer W kahi! a restaurant situated in Qatar and offers a variety of Arabic Sweets, Beverages, Arabic that is delivered throughout Qatar. They provide a variety of dishes and meals to pick from and order through Snoonu app. Users have rated the restaurant with a 4.7 and reviewed it 54 times. Order now and enjoy fast delivery with Snoonu within 22 minutes.

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Afternoon Tray

An Afternoon Tray Consisting Of Fried Potatoes And Eggplant, Oroog Tawa (Iraqi Kebab), Salad, Meat Hamsa, 5 Falafel Pieces, A Mixed Appetizer Plate (Hummus, Mutabal, Iraqi Pickled Tarshi, Iraqi Mutabal), 1 Pc Potato Kibbeh, 1 Pc Rice Kibbeh, 1 Pc Bulgur Kibbeh, Chicken Liver With Pomegranate Molasses, Served With A Pot Of Iraqi Laban And Samoon Bread.

170 QR
Breakfast Tray

Breakfast tray with fried egg, fried potato, fried eggplant, Mixed cheese plate, Labneh with zaatar molasses and olive oil, Walnut, Honey, dried Apricots, Fig Jams, Salad, Sammon bread and choice of (shakshuka or meat omelet) also choice of (Fried tomatoes iraqi style, or Foul Mudames) Served with Iraqi Laban.

130 QR

Kahi Plain Is A Type Of Crispy Iraqi Pastry That Is Eaten With Gaimer

35 QR

Gaimer Is An Iraqi Cream That Is Made In A Special Way And From Fatty Milk, Formed Into Layers Of White Cream (An Old Iraqi Dish)

50 QR
Eggplant Tipsy With Chicken

(Stew) Baked Iraqi Eggplant Tipsy With Chicken

75 QR

Chicken hamsa with cooking cream, mushrooms and truffle oil served in pottery covered with kahi dough

75 QR
Beef Chill Fry Mushroom

Hamsa meat with cooking cream, mushrooms and truffle oil served in pottery covered with kahi dough

80 QR
Boiled Bakela

Boiled Beans With Iraqi Spices.

15 QR
Boiled Chickpeas

Boiled Chickpeas With Iraqi Spices.

15 QR
Tashreeb With Egg

Iraqi Bread Topped With Bakela Sauce ,Arabic Gee And Fried Egg.

52 QR

Egg, Tomato And Cream Cheese Stew With Iraqi Bread.

45 QR

Makhlema (Beef Meat Omlette)

45 QR
Liver With Pomegranate

Chicken Liver Hamsa With Iraqi Spices And Pomegranate Molasses

52 QR
Chill Fry (Hamsa Meat)

Hamsa With Beef Meat And Vegetables With Iraqi Spices

55 QR
Burgul Kobba

Burgul Kubba ( Burgul Stuffed With Ground Beef And Iraqi Spices )

45 QR
Rice Kobba

Rice Kobba Filled With Seasoned Ground Meat, Almonds And Iraqi Spices

45 QR
Fried Potatos

15 QR
Fried Eggplant

15 QR
Potato Kobba

Potato Kubba ( Mashed Potatoo Stuffed With Minced Beef And Iraqi Spices )

45 QR