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Discover the culinary delights of Gerrys Grill Restaurant, a dining gem renowned for its enticing menu. Savor the flavors of Gerrys Grill Menu, expertly crafted to satisfy your cravings. Experience the convenience of prompt and reliable delivery with Snoonu in Qatar. Immerse yourself in the vibrant taste journey Gerrys Grill offers, right at your doorstep. Dont wait, ignite your taste buds by placing an order through Snoonu today!

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Lumpiang Shanghai Cater

Ground chicken mixed with vegetables and seasonings. Good for 10-12 persons.

129 QR
Chopsuey Cater

Assorted sauteed vegetables, finished with light sesame sauce. Good for 10-12 persons.

109 QR
Beef Sisig Cater

Boiled beef brisket, chopped and sauteed with onions and assorted seasoning. Good for 10-12 persons.

279 QR


Beef Kaldereta Cater

Tomato based beef stew with potatoes. Good for 10-12 persons.

249 QR
Pancit Bihon Bilao Cater

Thin rice noodles stir-fried with vegetables and shrimp.

79 QR
Gerry's Fried Chicken Cater

Fried chicken with our secret breading. Good for 10-12 persons.

109 QR
Pancit Palabok Bilao Cater

Thin rice noodles with a special shrimp based sauce and topped with hardboiled egg, smoked fish flakes, garlic, and spring onion.

79 QR

Assorted sauteed vegetables, finished with a light sesame sauce.

25 QR
Tortang Talong

Tortang talong, also known as eggplant omelette, is a fritter from Filipino cuisine made by pan-frying grilled whole eggplants dipped in an egg mixture.

20 QR

Assorted vegetables sauteed in shrimp paste.

20 QR
Sisig Kilaw

Veal cheeks with chicken liver, onions, ginger and chili peppers.

35 QR
Cocofish Fingers

Fish fillet in coconut breading fried to a crisp.

20 QR
Lumpiang Shanghai

Ground chicken mixed with vegetables and seasonings.

18 QR
Chicken Lollipop

Crispy chicken drumettes.

22 QR
Sinigang Na Hipon

Shrimps in tamarind soup base.

30 QR

Flavorful chicken broth with dumpling.

20 QR
Nilagang Bulalo

Slowly cooked beef shank served with cabbage, onion leeks,and local bok choy.

35 QR
Ampalaya Guisado

24 QR
Pinoy Fried Chicken

45 QR