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Welcome to Go crispy, your go-to destination for delicious crispy chicken in Qatar. Our unique selling point lies in our commitment to serving you the most delectable crispy chicken dishes that are sure to satisfy your taste buds. With a concise yet informative menu, we offer a wide range of crispy chicken meals and sandwiches that are bound to leave you craving for more. Our exclusive deals and specialties ensure that you get a dining experience like no other.

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Crispy Chicken Burger Meal

80Gm Crispy Chicken Spicy Or Normal, With Fresh Lettuce And Cheese Sauce And Ranch Sauce, French Fries, Soft Drink.

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Wing Box

21 pcs wings - family fries - 3 garlic dip

115 QR

86.25 QR


Go Tenders Meal

5 Pcs Crispy Tenders - Fries - 1 Bun - Coleslaw -1 Garlic Dip- Soft Drink (16 Oz)

31 QR

23.25 QR


Mega Meal 4 Pieces

4 Pcs Crispy Chicken - Fries - 1 Bun - 1 Coleslaw - Soft Drink (16 Ozl)

42 QR

31.5 QR


Super Wrap Meal

2 Pcs Tenders Crispy Chicken - Tortilla Bread - Cheese - Ranch Sauce -Pickle- French Fries - Soft Drinks (16 Oz)

28 QR

21 QR
Coleslaw Salad Small

Fresh Coleslaw Salad Prepared Daily, One Of The Best Ingredients

8 QR
Coleslaw Salad Large

Fresh Coleslaw Salad Prepared Daily, One Of The Best Ingredients

16 QR
Nuggets Kids Meal

5 Pcs Of Nuggets, And French Fries And Berry Juice

15 QR
Kids Meal Chicken

1Pc Crispy Chicken - French Fries - Blueberry Juice (200Ml)- Ketchup 1 Bun

22 QR
Kids Meal Tenders

2 Pc Crispy Tender - French Fries - 1 Bun - Blueberry Juce(200Ml)

22 QR
Kids Meal Chicken Burger

Chicken Burger Sandwich, Lettuce, Cheese Sauce, French Fries, Blueberry Juice (200Ml)

22 QR
Super Value Meal

2 PC Chicken + 2 PC Tender + French Fries + Coleslaw + 1 PC Bun

28 QR
Go Light Meal

2 Pieces Tender Chicken- Bun- French Fries- Soft Drink 330Ml

25 QR
Go Snack Meal

2 Pieces Crispy Chicken , Bun, French Fries, Soft Drink 330Ml

25 QR
Go Double Royal Meal

2 Royal Sandwich - French Fries - Soft Drink 330Ml

30 QR
Go Royal Tender Meal

2 Pieces Tender Chicken -Royal Sandwiches- Fries - Soft Drink 330Ml

30 QR
Go Royal Chicken Meal

Royal Sandwiches -1 Piece Crispy Chicken- French Fries - Soft Drink 330Ml

30 QR
Go Royal Meal

Royal Sandwiches - French Fries - Soft Drink 330Ml

25 QR
Bucket For Two

6 Pieces Of Fresh Crispy Chicken, Spicy Or Regular, With Secret Spices, French Fries, 2 Buns, 2 Coleslaw, 2 Soft Drinks 16 Oz.

61 QR