Gurkan Burger

Delivery time

35-40 Min


5.2 km

Working hours

OpenUntil 2:45 am



Best Selling

145 QR

Chicken Family Box 15 Pcs

100 QR

Chicken Family Box 9 Pcs

48 QR

Gurkan Burger Double

40 QR

Gurkan Burger

35 QR

Cheese Burger

30 QR

Tagliatelle Chicken Pasta


Mac Cheese With Cheetos

Macaroni with cheddar cheese and Cheetos

37 QR

Mozzarella Stick

5 pcs of homemade fried mozzarella served with crazy sauce

22 QR

Onion Ring

8 pcs of fried onion rings served with fresh sauce

20 QR

Dynamite Shrimp

6 pcs fried shrimp served with dynamite sauce

35 QR

Mac Cheese

Macaroni with cheddar cheese

35 QR

Chicken Popcorn

20 pcs chicken popcorn ketchup and mayonnaise

18 QR

Crispy Chicken Fries

Crispy chicken and potato fries served with sauce cheddar/ranch/Dynamite

30 QR

Mr Gurkan Potato With Cheddar Sauce

Fried potatoes with cheddar cheese sauce and smoked beef

30 QR

Chicken Family Box 9 Pcs

9 pcs fried chicken , large fries , large coleslaw , 3 pcs bun , drink 1.25 ltr , sauce

100 QR

Chicken Family Box 15 Pcs

15 pcs fried chicken , large fries , large coleslaw , 6 pcs bun , drink 2.25 ltr , sauce

145 QR

Strips Family Pack 15 Pcs

15 pcs strips , large fries , large coleslaw , 3 pcs bun , drink 1.25 ltr , sauce

95 QR

Coleslaw Salad

Cabbage, carrot mix with mayonnaise and special sauce

18 QR

Caesar Salad

Lettuce, chicken, cube bread, tomato cherry, parmesan cheese mix with sauce

23 QR

Chicken Shish Tawook Sandwich

Chicken, baguette bread, sliced red capcicum, green capcicum, onion and sauce

32 QR

Chicken Sando Sandwich

100 gm chicken, toast bread, iceberg, sweet chilli sauce and cheese

30 QR

Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Chicken, baguette bread, lettuce, cheddar cheese and sweet chili sauce

33 QR

Crispy Chicken Loader Sandwich

Crispy chicken wrapped with tortilla bread with cheese and sauce

30 QR

Zinger Chicken Sandwich

Chicken zinger, tortilla bread, lettuce, tomato, cheese and sauce

35 QR

Ribs Sandwich

Beef ribs, baguette bread, cheddar cheese served with sauce

38 QR

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