Halo Cafe

Delivery time

35-40 Min


4.13 km

Working hours

OpenUntil 1:30 am



Best Selling

65 QR

The French Toast

50 QR

The Cake

170 QR

Mini Donut Box 40 Pieces

35 QR

Donut Minis (8 Pieces)

30 QR

Almond Croissant

28 QR

Iced Tiramisu Latte

30 QR

French Press


Box of 12 Tiramisu Brownie Choux

250 QR

Cold Drink Bottle 1 Liter

Available In: Regular Latte, Tiramisu Latte, Spanish Latte, Cold Brew, Mango Passion Fruit Smoothie, Blackberry Lemonade, Pomegranate & Rosemary Lemonade

150 QR

Mini Donut Box 40 Pieces

170 QR

Mini Cronut Box - 24 Pieces

100 QR

Family Size Profiteroles

25 pcs Choux pieces filled with vanilla custard and chocolate custard. Good for 4-6 pax.

250 QR

Brownies Box 12 Pirces

180 QR

Family Size Mille Feuille

Family Size Deconstructed Mille-Feuille With A Side Of Chocolate Sauce. Good For 4-6 Pax.

250 QR

Mini Donut Nibble Box with Dippers

Mini Donut Nibble Box with Dippers

215 QR

Signature Donut Box 6 Pieces

100 QR

Mini Cookie Nibble Box with Dippers

90 pieces of your choice of mini cookie flavors in our signature nibble box. Choose: chocolate fudge, triple chocolate, toffee pecan

360 QR

Family Size Cookies & Cream Frozen Cake

Layers Of Milk Ice Cream, Graham Crust, Brownies, Dulce De Leche And Chocolate Ganache. Good For 8 Pax.

300 QR

Mini Cookies Box 30 Pieces

10 Milk Chocolate, 10 Toffee Pecan, 10 Chocolate Fudge

135 QR

Mini Ice Cream Box

16 Mini cups of ice cream. Your choice of flavors.

290 QR

Cold Coffee Box

2 Latte, 2 Tiramisu Latte, 2 Cold Brew, 2 Matcha Latte

245 QR

Mocktails Box

2 Rosemary And Pomegranate Lemonades, 2 Blackberry Lemonades, 2 Mango Passion-fruit, 2 Lychee Jasmine Iced Tea

230 QR

Signature Cronut Box 6 Pieces

140 QR


21 QR

Iced Spanish Latte

28 QR


24 QR

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