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Hamam Wa Samaka

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Experience the authentic tastes of Lebanon at Hamam Wa Samaka, your premium samaka restaurant in Qatar. Savour our renowned Lebanese molokhia and indulge in the traditional flavours of malfof and miran fattah. At Hamam Wa Samaka, we guarantee a unique culinary voyage that echoes the heart of Lebanon. Don't just hear about it, taste it! Let Snoonu bring our full menu to your doorstep. Explore our best deals and order today for a speedy delivery.

Best Selling


Pasta Béchamel

Pasta with minced meat, white sauce and mozzarella cheese

15 QR
Fattah With Meat

Beef with white rice and tomato sauce

35 QR
Fatah With Kawaraa

Beef Kawaraa with white rice and tomato sauce

40 QR
Chicken Maels

Chicken meal with rice, juice, water, daqoos and sweet

22 QR
Mahshi Malfof

30 QR
Okra with Vermicelli Rice

Okra Extra White Meat And Rice

25 QR
Molokhia Green

10 QR
Fataha Moza

Moza with Tomato Sauce and Rice

45 QR
Chicken Biryani

25 QR
Lamb Biryani

30 QR
Majboos Chicken

25 QR
Bukhari Meat

30 QR
Large Vermicelli Rice

10 QR
Bukhari Chiken

25 QR
Shish Tawook

20 QR
hawawshi Grill

Meat Inside Loaf On Charcoal

13 QR
Chicken Liver Sandwich

15 QR
Kabab Grill

30 QR
Roasted Chicken

17 QR