Hennys Fresh Fried Chicken

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Looking for the best fried chicken in town? Look no further than Hennys Fresh Fried Chicken! Our unique blend of spices and crispy coating will leave you craving for more. As one of the top fried chicken joints in Qatar, we take pride in offering a fresh and flavorful experience. At Hennys, we believe in serving only the highest quality ingredients.

Best Selling


Henny'S Wing Meal

32 QR
Super Lunch

2 Pcs Chicken And Flavoured Rice, Water, Gravy, Garlic

17 QR
Hunger Box

2Pcs Chicken, 1 Bun, 1 Water, Gravy

15 QR
Hennys Fiesta

18 pcs Chicken, 8 Bun, French Fries (XL), Coleslaw (XL), Soft Drinks (2.25Liters)

149 QR
Hennys Strips Meal

12 Pc Chicken 4 Bun Large Coleslaw 1.25 Soft Drinks

60 QR
Hennys Family Meal

9 Pcs Chicken, 4 Bun, Soft Drink (Large) , French Fries (1.25 L), Coleslaw (Large)

77 QR
Henny's Majlis

27Pcs Chicken, 12Pcs Bun, Pepsi 3.5L, French Fries Large, Coleslaw, Gravy, Garlic

221 QR
Hennys Jumbo Meal

5 Pcs Chicken, 2 Bun, Soft Drink (Medium) , French Fries (Medium), Coleslaw

43 QR
Chicken Burger With Strips

18 QR
Henny's Choice

4Pcs Thigh, 4Pcs Breast, French Fries Large, 4Pcs Bun, Coleslaw, Pepsi 1.25L, Gravy, Garlic

89 QR
Hennys Meal

2 Pcs Chicken, 1 Bun, Soft Drink, French Fries (Small), Small Coleslaw, Gravy, Garlic

19 QR
Hennys Party Meal

13 Pcs Chicken, 4 Bun, Soft Drink (Large) , French Fries (2.25), Coleslaw (Large)

109 QR
Penne Alfredo Chicken Mushroom Pasta

24 QR
Shrimb Alfredo Pasta

24 QR
Hennys Burger Meal

Chicken Burger, French Fries, Pepsi 330 ml

18 QR
Hennys Super Wrap

Chicken Wrap, French Fries, Pepsi

18 QR
Hennys Shrimp Wrap

Extra crispy chicken tenders, sauteed mushrooms, ice berg lettuce, onions, fries and special hennys sauce wrapped in tortilla bread.

16 QR
Royal Hennys Wrap

Extra crisp chicken strip, double American cheese, white onion, iceberg lettuce, French fries, jalapeño, and dynamite sauce.

16 QR
Hennys Dynamite Chicken Wrap

Extra crispy chicken breast wrapped in Tortilla bread with Iceberg lettuce, dynamite sauce, white onion, tomoto cccccc

14 QR