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Experience the flavors of Qatar with Heso Al Freej, a culinary gem renowned for its authentic delights. Explore our extensive menu and discover the best deals we have to offer, all available at your fingertips. With Snoonus speedy delivery, savor the taste of Heso Al Freej from the comfort of your home. Dont wait, pamper your palate with our delectable dishes. Order from Heso Al Freej through Snoonu today - your gateway to an unforgettable gastronomic journey!

Best Selling


Asida Box

85 QR
Heso Mila with Saffron

75 QR

75 QR
Royal Balaleet

75 QR
Mafrouk Al Bar with Dates

75 QR
Mixed Heso and Asida

85 QR

Herbs for postpartum and periods, to reduce belly fat, lose weight, and cleanse the uterus

100 QR
Heso Box

85 QR

Good for postpartum and menstrual days. They strengthen the back, cleanse the uterus terribly, relieve gas and flatulence, relieve pain, facilitate vaginal discharge, and remove obstructions.

90 QR
Mixed Mafrouk and Balaleet

85 QR
Mafrouk Al Bar With Dates Box

85 QR
Royal Balaleet Box

85 QR

95 QR
Postpartum Gift Box

A postpartum gift box contains a mill of asida and a mill of heso with our special mixture, 15 pieces of plates and spoons, and a greeting card with the sender’s name, can be changed to ground Mafrouk al bar with dates or royal balaleet.

320 QR
Traditional Box

It contains 4 mlal (royal balaleet, date mafruk, masabib, porridge), plates and spoons.

275 QR
Sahlab With Nuts Dallah 1 L

92 QR
Karak Dallah 1 L

75 QR
Arabic Coffee Dallah 1 L

69 QR
Red Tea Dallah 1 L

60 QR