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Discover the best biryani in Qatar at Hoppers, a gem among Dohas restaurants. Transport yourself to a world of unique flavors with our expansive Hoppers Doha menu, featuring iconic dishes like bone marrow varuval, devilled paneer, lamb kothu roti, upcountry aubergine kari, and sambaru hodi. With Hoppers delivery, Dohas food lovers can now savor our exotic dishes in the comfort of their homes. Cant make it to Hoppers restaurant in Qatar? No problem! We are also on Deliveroo.

Best Selling


Devilled Prawns

Prawns Fried In Spicy Sauce

70 QR
Sizzling Beef

Grilled Beef Tossed In Hot Butter

75 QR
Bone Marrow Varuval With Roti

Beef Bone Marrow In A Coconut Gravy Served With Flaky Roti

95 QR
Green Pepper Chicken Bites

Chicken Thighs Fried And Tossed In Green Peppercorn Sauce

55 QR
Devilled Paneer (V)

Pieces Of Cottage Cheese Fried In Spicy Sauce

50 QR
Banana Blossom Cutlets (Vg)

A Fried Patty Of Banana Blossom And Potatoes Served With Spicy Tamarind Chutney

30 QR
Mutton Rolls & Sl Hot Sauce

Crispy Croquette Filled With Minced Mutton And Potatoes Served With Lankan Ketchup

45 QR
String Hoppers , Kiri Hodi & Pol Sambal

Steamed Rice Noodles Served With Kiri Hodi And Pol Sambal

30 QR
Idli Vada (Vg)

Idli And Vada Served In A Spicy Lentil Stew Topped With Coconut And Coriander Chutney

26 QR
Hot Butter Squid

Crispy Butter Squid Tossed In A Hot Butter Sauce

65 QR
Combo Non Veg Meal For 2

175 QR
Combo Veg Meal For 2

150 QR
Mushroom Kothu

Stir Fried Chopped Roti With Mixed Greens Mushrooms With Veg Gravy

60 QR
Lamb Kothu

Stir Fried Chopped Roti With Mixed Greens, Eggs And La,B Gravy

70 QR
Chicken Kothu

Stir Fried Chopped Roti With Mixed Greens, Eggs And Chicken Gravy

65 QR
Curry Leaf Cashew Nuts (Vg)

Spicy Cashew Nut With Fried Curry Leaves And Ginger

32 QR
Upcountry Aubergine Kari

Chunks Of Aubergine Stewed In Mild Creamy Fragrant Sauce

45 QR
Green Mango Prawn Kari

A Rich Tangy Curry With Tender Prawns And Green Mango

75 QR
Chicken Kari

Homestyle Sri Lankan Chicken Curry With Aromatic Flavors Of Pandan Leaves Jaffna Curry Powder And Lemon Grass

50 QR