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Hummus is the ultimate destination for all hummus lovers in Qatar. Our restaurant specializes in serving delicious and authentic hummus dishes that are sure to satisfy your cravings. With a wide range of flavors and toppings to choose from, we offer a unique and delightful dining experience. At Hummus, we pride ourselves on using only the finest and freshest ingredients to create our mouthwatering dishes. Our hummus is made from scratch daily, ensuring its exceptional taste and quality.

Best Selling


manakish spinach box 12 Pieces

35 QR
manakish zaatar box 12 Pieces

22 QR
Breakfast Box

Musabaha,keema, shakshuka, hummus,halloumi, foul

120 QR
safiha box 14 Pieces

38 QR

Fava beans mashed with our own mixture of spices and lemon

16 QR
Hummus Awarma

25 QR

Boiled chickpeas blended in a creamy texture with tahina served with dakkah

15 QR

Boiled chickpeas mixed with hummus lemon juice and parsley

15 QR
Hummus Foul Mix

Boiled chickpeas blended in a creamy texture with tahina served with dakkah and mashed fava beans

15 QR
Fattah Hummus

Chickpeas boiled with fried bread, yogurt mix pomegranate seeds and ghee on top

25 QR

Cooked and sauteed vermicelli with eggs

13 QR

Scrambled egg with mix of vegetables and tomato paste

15 QR
Manakish zaatar cheese

14 QR
Sunny Side Up Egg

Sunny side up egg with butter

13 QR
Safiha Pomegranate Syrup

Minced beef meat with pomegranate molasses

12 QR
Zaatar Manakish

10 QR
Egg Awarma

Scrambled egg with a ground lamb

28 QR
Grilled Halloumi

Halloumi grilled served with tomato cucumber olives

28 QR

Mixture of egg with chopped tomato topped with a creamy cheese

18 QR