Iceberge House of Falooda

Delivery time

30-35 Min


3.58 km

Working hours

OpenUntil 11:59 pm




Egg & Cheese Sliders

3 Egg & cheese sliders

18 QR

Egg & Beef Slice Bun

18 QR

Cesar Salad

Romaine lettuce with parmesan cheese & cesar dressing

16 QR

Greek Salad

Lettuce , tomato , olives , feta , cucumber with a lemon vinaigrette

14 QR

Jalapeno Cheese Bombs

Cheese & jalapeno cheese bombs with cheese sauce & peri peri mayo

18 QR


Crunchy chicken pops served with peri peri mayo or Iceberg sauce

16 QR

Chicken Strips

crispy chicken strips served with Iceberg sauce

16 QR

Cheetos Tacos

2 tacos with lettuce , salsa , sour cream, cheetos chicken & basil mayo

20 QR

Cheetos Ptk

Cheetos packet stuffed with chicken pops , jalapenos, cheese ,crispy onion and sauce

18 QR

Fish Gougons

Crispy fish strips served with lemon & tartar sauce

18 QR

Baja Bites

Spicy Chilli bites served with tzatziki and iceberg sauce

16 QR

Classic Fries

French fries served with ketchup

8 QR

Loaded Fries

French fries with chicken pops, jalapeno ,cheese sauce & dynamite sauce

18 QR

Cheese Burger Fries

French fries topped with burger meat , cheese , tomato relish and sauce

25 QR

Truffle Fries

French fries with parmesan cheese and truffle mayo

22 QR

Fajita Fries

French fries with peppers, onions, mushrooms, fajita spice , bbq & cheese with a pesto

20 QR

Vegetable Sizzler

Mediterranean vegetables , cream cheese ,parmesan cheese, basil , sour cream

30 QR

Alfredo Pasta

Classic alfredo pasta with penne choice of white sauce

22 QR

Beef Sizzler

Sliced tenderloin , med veg , cream cheese , cheese & peppercorn sauce

40 QR

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