Icy Melon

Delivery time

42-47 Min


5.27 km

Working hours

OpenUntil 2:00 am



Best Selling

220 QR

Berries Cake

160 QR

Summer Tray

160 QR

Watermelon Basket

150 QR

Watermelon Sticks

75 QR

Fruit Salad


Fruit Salad

Your Choice Of 4 Fruits And 1 Salad Juice 250Ml

75 QR

Watermelon Scoops Cup

20 QR

Mixed Berries Cup

42 QR

Mango Cup

28 QR

Grape Cup

15 QR

Pomegranate Cup

Pomegranate Cubes

30 QR

Kiwi Cup

30 QR

Fruit Salad Cup

20 QR

Fruit Cup Box - 8 Fruit Cups

180 QR

Rockmelon Scoops Cup

23 QR

Dragon Fruit Cup

35 QR

Pineapple Cup

Pineapple Cubes

24 QR

Mix Fruits Sticks

Green And Red Grapes, Watermelon, Orange , Kiwi And Dragon Fruit

35 QR

Watermelon And Berries Sticks

Watermelon Scoops And Blueberry

25 QR

Rainbow Sticks

35 QR

Strawberry Marshmallow Sticks

Served With Melted Chocolate

45 QR

Orange Baskets

4 Oranges With Exotic Fruits

45 QR

Pineapple Sticks

150 QR

Coco Fruits

Strawberry, Kiwi, Red Currant, Rockmelon,Watermelon, Berries And Grapes

40 QR

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