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30 QR

Fish Tikka Masala


Dal Shorba

Traditional north indian yellow soup 'where the main ingredients are extracted from cooking together garlic 'lentil and butter with a tinge of jeera powder and garnished in coriander leaves

12 QR

Manchow Seafood Soup

Mixed chopped veg ,mushroom,carrot,cabbage ,ginger garlic,seafood prawns,squid,fish & eggs decorated in fried noodles

12 QR

Hot & Sour Chicken Soup

spicy sour soup with main ingredients of chicken 'egg vegetables' mushroom and bamboo shoots

12 QR

Chicken Noodle Soup

White thick soup with chicken and noodles & egg white

12 QR

Hot & Sour Veg Soup

spicy & sour soup with main ingredients of vegetables mushrooms and bamboo shoots

10 QR

Sweet Corn Veg Soup

white soup with corn & vegetable

10 QR

Green Salad

tomato,onion,carrot,cucumber,green chilly and lime wedge

10 QR

Waldorf Salad

walnut,olive,olive oil,fresh vegetables,fruits,and lettuce decorated in mayonnaise

10 QR

Chicken Tikka Salad

chopped tandoori chicken with fresh vegetables,chaat masala,chilly powder,lime juice ,olive oil and lettuce leaves

14 QR

Grilled Chicken Salad With Mayonnaise

roasted spring chicken marinated with vegetables,olive oil, mayonnaise and lettuce

12 QR

Chicken Supreme Hot Oyster

Deep fried chicken breast prepared in hot garlic ,soy sauce and oyster sauce

25 QR

Chicken Pepper Salt

batter fried chicken prepared in soya sauce, black pepper, oyster sauce,coriander and spring onion

26 QR

Lemon Grilled Chicken

pan fried chicken grilled in a mixture of lime juice, curd,garlic,sunflower oil, coconut milk, turmeric powder and salt

26 QR

Smoked Chicken

Deep fried full chicken prepared in oyster sauce ,soya sauce,black pepper and celery and served in a hot sizzler plate

45 QR

Chicken Chukka

deep fried chicken marinated in grated coconut and topped with garnished red chilli and fried shallots

28 QR

Chicken Chuttathu

Tiny pieces of chicken cubes marinated with south Indian spices and grilled in charcoal

26 QR

Crispy Chilli Beef

deep fried strips of beef cut prepared in oyster sauce, black pepper, soya sauce and ginger garlic paste topped and embellished in spring onion and celery

26 QR

Beef Dry Fry

beef marinated in south indian spices and deep fried oil

26 QR

Dragon Fish

slices of fish fried and prepared in chinese sauce

29 QR

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