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Introducing Ja Dough - your go-to destination for all things gelatin in Qatar. With a passion for creating delicious gelatin-based treats, Ja Dough stands out among the rest with their specialty offerings and exceptional quality. Indulge in their wide range of gelatin-based desserts, from classic favorites like panna cotta and jelly cakes to innovative creations that will delight your taste buds.


Salty biscuits

Salty sweet box, flour, vegan butter, almond , walnuts, Parmesan cheese , zaatar, oat , cardamom ( 1 kilo)

140 QR
Mixed Croissant

37 QR
Small Croissant Chocolate 12 Pieces

45 QR
Vegan fajita

A mixed vegetables seasoned and cooked to perfection with homemade guacamole

27 QR
Chicken Fajita

A well seasoned tender chicken with bellpepper, onion, guacamole, and cheese with pickles

35 QR
Mussakhan Chicken

A well marinated tender chicken mixed in blended spices & caramelized onion wrapped in 12” bread cut into 2 pieces , with Eran Laban a side

39 QR
Steak fajita

A well seasoned and perfectly seared beef, with bellpepper, onion, cheese with pickles

36 QR
Stuffed kibbeh

Mix fine bulgur, onions , meat and fresh basil forms hollow shell stuffed with meat, onion and special spices . 1 dozen

60 QR
Mixed Pastries Each 6 Pieces

Box of mixed pastries and pies , 6 pieces of (stuffed kibbeh, meat sambosak , meat in ajin ) and 12 pieces cheese rolls .

138 QR
Mixed Pastries

Box of mixed pastries and pies , 6 pieces of each kind ( stuffed kibbeh, meat sambosak , meat in ajin , spinach fatayer )

114 QR
Hummus Mint

Smooth And Creamy Puree Chickpeas And Tahina With Mint - 1 Portion

22 QR