Jimmys Killer Prawns

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Creamy Mussels

Mussels With Creamy Garlic Sauce 180g 6 Pieces

30 QR
Calamari Rings

170g (6 pieces) served grilled or fried.

19 QR
Spicy Mussels

Spicy Mussels with tomatoes and chili, 6 pieces, 180 grams

30 QR
Gratineed Prawns

Oven baked prawns 6pcs 150g in creamy garlic sauce 250g topped with cheese 15 g,

35 QR
Garlic Cheese Bread

Served with creamy garlic sauce ( garlic & butter g 12) (cheese 40 g) ( creamy sauces 60 g)

18 QR

Fried halloumi lightly dusted in flour served with sweet chilli sauce

22 QR
Dynamite Lumpia

Deep fried spring rolls filled with finger chili peppers 90g and cheese 80g

22 QR
Tom Yum (Mix Seafood) Soup

Tom yum mix seafood ( shrimp 74g-calmary-20g-mucels 20g )

35 QR
Creamy Seafood Soup

Creamy base soup (shrimp 75g- calamari 30g -fish 20g -mussels 30g )

35 QR
Tom Yum (Prawns) Soup

Tom yum soup (shrimp 150g -)

35 QR
Creamy Vegetable Soup

Creamy soup (carrot 10g- garlic10g -colflower10g -salary25g potato 10g -tomat25 g )

28 QR
Creamy Red Prawn Soup

Creamy base Piri Piri sauce (shrimp120g )

35 QR
Chicken Caesar Salad

Grilled chicken strips,fresh garden salad,croutons,with caesar dressing

19 QR
Jimmys House Salad

Rocket,lettuce,onion, beetroot,pomegranate, walnuts,sunflower seeds with jemmy dressing

19 QR
Greek Village Salad

Fresh tomato,capsicum,onion, cucumber,olive, feta,capers with our vinaigrette dressi

19 QR
Seafood Salad

Prawns,mussels,calamari,lettuce, pomegranate,tomato,onion,cucumber, served with honey mustard dressing

25 QR
Prawn Platter For 1

12pieces shrimp 350g with 1 side, tartar sauce and sweet chili sauce.

77 QR
Prawn Platter For 2

26pieces shrimp 750g with 2 sides, tartar sauce and sweet chili sauce

145 QR
Saucy Bucket (Small)

Your choice of mix seafood(shrimp 200g crab 300g calamari 150g mussels 200g ) or prawns only 30 pcs 810g (mild-medium-hot-extra hot)

95 QR