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Experience the joy of dining with Jollibee in Qatar, where the vibrant flavors of Filipino cuisine meet a diverse international menu to delight every palate. Dive into the iconic Chickenjoy bucket, a beloved favorite, or explore a variety of mouth-watering options that cater to all tastes and preferences. Known for its commitment to quality and affordability, Jollibee ensures a satisfying meal whether you're enjoying a family gathering or grabbing a quick snack. Strategically located in key areas of Doha including Mansoura, Wakrah, and Al Sadd, Jollibee is conveniently accessible for all. Plus, with our efficient delivery services, your favorite meals are just a click away, ensuring you can enjoy Jollibee's delights wherever you are in Qatar. Stay tuned for our regularly updated menu featuring new dishes and exclusive promotions, making Jollibee the go-to destination for delicious, value-packed meals. Whether it's a casual dine-in, a family celebration, or a snack on the go, Jollibee's warm hospitality and sumptuous food are designed to provide a joyful dining experience every time.

Best Selling


Giga Meal 21Pcs

21Pcs Chicken+Cater Spag+8 Rice+2 Xl Fries+4 Gravy+2.25 Cola

144 QR
Jumbo Meal 12Pcs

12Pcs Chicken + 4 Full Spaghetti + 6 Rice + 2 Extra Large Fries + 2 6Oz Gravy + 1.25 Cola

105 QR
Mega Meal 9Pcs

9Pcs Chicken +3 Full Spaghetti + 4 Rice + Extra Large Fries + 6Oz Gravy + 1.25 Cola

85 QR
Bucket Feast 6Pcs

6Pcs Chicken + 2 Full Spaghetti + 3 Rice + Extra Large Fries + 6Oz Gravy + 1.25 Cola

64 QR
Bucket Of 12

12 Pieces Chickenjoy , 2 Large Sauce

70 QR
Bucket Of 9

9 Pieces Chickenjoy , Large Sauce

54 QR
Majlis Bucket for 4 ⓢ

9Pcs Chicken, 6 Pcs Tenders, 5 Buns, 1 Xl Fries, 1.25 Cola, 3 2Oz Garlic Sauce

80 QR
Bucket Of 6

6 Pieces Chickenjoy , Large Sauce

40 QR
Yum Burger Meal

Yum Burger , Regular Fries , Regular Drink

12 QR
Jolly Hotdog Meal

Jolly Hotdog Sandwich , Regular Fries , Regular Drink

16 QR
Spagyum Meal

Spaghetti , Yum Burger , Regular Drink

20 QR
2Pcs Burger Steak Meal

2 Pieces Burgersteak With Rice , Regular Drink

17 QR
Tlc Yum Burger Meal

Tlc Yum Burger , Regular Fries , Regular Drink

14 QR
Garlic Mayo

2 QR
Yum Burger Sandwich

Beef Patty With Ketchup And Mayonnaise Sauce.

7 QR
Tlc Yum Burger Sandwich

Beef Patty With Tomatoes, Cheddar Cheese 1 Slice, Lettuce, Ketchup And Mayonnaise Sauce.

9 QR
Jolly Chicken Wrap Sandwich

Chicken Strips, Tomatoes, Lettuce, Onion And Special Sauce, Wrapped In Tortilla Bread

10 QR
1Pc Burger Steak Meal

1 Piece Burger Steak With Rice , Regular Drink

12 QR
Spaghetti Meal

Spaghetti , Regular Drink

15 QR