Jwala MC

Delivery time

40-45 Min


9.25 km

Working hours

OpenUntil 1:30 am



Best Selling

98 QR

Gamla Jhad Paya Biryani

78 QR

Butter Chicken

54 QR

Raita Salad

50 QR

Gulab Jamun Bites


Kolkata coriander pakoda

Served Tamarind chutney, Fresh Coriander and Gram Flour.

40 QR

Plain Fries

34 QR

Pankhi Raj Chicken Wings

(200g Fresh Chicken from Turkey) Chicken wings coated with Indian Buffalo sauce

56 QR

Jwala Lava Fries

Potato fries coated with Jwala spicy sauce, topped with Assorted melted cheese

56 QR

Khushi Khushi Pakura

Fried Onion pakura with curry, Tamarind sauce

42 QR

Twisted Papadum

Fried papadum crunch, grilled corn, cheese sauce, avocado Served with chili chesse sauce

48 QR

Amitabh Mix Sambousa

Three types of fried potato samoussa, prawns and cheese

48 QR

Baloo Bites

Half Balls of fried potato bhajia stuffed with spinach and cheese

48 QR

Jwala Bunny Chow

(200g Fresh Lamb from Australia) Brioche Bread stuffed with Keema curry and cheese and Bechamel

76 QR

Wow Pow Chicken

140 gm Clay Oven Chicken cooked with Indian spices and served with Masala Fires

94 QR

Raste Ka Tikka Paratha

(200g Fresh Chicken from Turkey) Chicken Sandwich in Chapati Bread, Avocado, Coleslaw and Assorted Melted Cheese

58 QR

Biryani Rice

38 QR

Plain Rice

Plain White Rice

35 QR

Gamla Jhad Paya Biryani

Biryani Rice, Lamb shank, Herbs and seasonal vegetables with black Paya Basmati rice

98 QR

Nariyel Murgh Masala

Chicken Masala, Okra, Coconut Milk and Cashew Nut Paste

78 QR

OMG Butter Chicken Lasagna

(550g Fresh chicken from Turkey) Chicken Lasagna with butter cream, Tomato and cashew cream

77 QR

Jingalala Biryani

(650g Chilled Prawns from India) Jwala colorful Prawns Biryani served with India flag color rice

96 QR

Farmer Vege Biryani

Seasonal mixed vegetables, Brown onion, Tamarined rice, Jwala Biryani spices, Mixed nuts

78 QR

Bermuda Lamb Biryani

(850g Fresh Lamb from Australia) Meat Biryani Rice with Indian spices Roasted with nuts and fried onion served with Jwala special sauce

86 QR

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