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Discover the perfect pairing of freshly baked kaak and aromatic tea at Kaak W Chai. Our unique blend of traditional flavors and modern twists will delight your taste buds. Indulge in our wide selection of kaak varieties, from classic sesame to savory cheese-filled options. Pair your favorite kaak with our fragrant teas, carefully crafted to complement the flavors perfectly. We take pride in sourcing high-quality ingredients and handcrafting each kaak with love.

Best Selling


Mashrouha Zaatar

Thyme 100gm

10 QR
Cheese Mashrouha

Cheese 150gm

14 QR
Margherita Pizza

33 QR
Vegetable Pizza

35 QR
Salami Pizza

38 QR
Cheese & Turkey Kaak

Cheese 70gm, Turkey 30gm

14 QR
Cheese & Honey Kaak

Cheese 100gm, honey 10gm

12 QR
Kaak Zaatar Extra with Vegetable

Thyme 50gm, vegetables 50gm

9 QR
Cheese & Pepperoni Kaak

Cheese 70gm, pepperoni 30gm

14 QR
Kaak Muhammara with Cheese

12 QR
Trabulsi Turkey Kaak

14 QR
Kashkaval Cheese Kaak

Kashkaval 100gm

14 QR
Akkawi Cheese Kaak

Cheese 100gm

12 QR
Pepperoni Kaak

Cheese 70gm, pepperoni 30gm

14 QR
Quatro Cheese Kaak

Quattro 100gm

15 QR
Zaatar Kaak

Thyme 50gm

7 QR
Chocolate Kaak

Chocolate 50gm

14 QR
Halawa Kaak

Halawa 80 grams

14 QR
Egg Kaak

Egg 100gm

12 QR