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Welcome to Kaakah Pastry, your go-to destination for delicious pastries and savory treats in Qatar. Indulge in our mouthwatering selection that includes a delightful range of kaakah pastries and the finest halloumi cheese. Our pastries are expertly crafted with love and care, using only the finest ingredients to ensure every bite is a moment of pure bliss. At Kaakah Pastry, we take pride in our unique approach to pastry-making.

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4 Mini Pizza

Choose 4 Items From 7 Items, The Item Can Be Selected 4 Times

70 QR
Mini Chapati Box

A Selection Of Mini Chapati Sandwiches With Sauces And French Fries

75 QR
Mini Box

60 QR
Large Box

This Box Is Suitable For Your Family Gatherings, At Work, Or For A Majlies Gathering, Enough For Up To 5 People

95 QR
Vegetable Pizza

Green-Yellow-Red Pepper - Tomato - Olive - Tomato Sauce And Mozzarella -Parmesan Cheese

15 QR
Tuna Pizza

Tuna -Onion- Capers-Tomato Sauce And Mozzarella -Parmesan Cheese

16 QR
Margherita Pizza

Mozzarella -Parmesan Cheese With Tomato Sauce And Basil

15 QR
Mushroom Pizza

Fresh Mushroom With Garlic Roasted With Olive Oil - Mozzarella Cheese-Tomato Sauce

17 QR
Pepperoni Pizza

Pepperoni With Tomato Sauce And Mozzarella -Parmesan Cheese

17 QR
Hawaiian Pizza

Pieces Of Pineapple - Pepperoni -Tomato Sauce With Mozzarella -Parmesan Cheese

17 QR
Pesto Pizza

Basil Sauce With Mozzarella Parmesan Cheese And Tomato Sauce

17 QR
Kraft Chapati With Falafel

Falafel With Kraft Cheese And Fresh Chapati Bread

10 QR
Keema Chapati

Meat Keema With Vegetables And Fresh Chapati Bread

12 QR
Egg Chapati

Fried Eggs With Vegetables And Fresh Chapati Bread

8 QR
Labneh Chapati With Zaatar

Turkish Labneh With Green Thyme And Cucumber With Fresh Chapati Bread

10 QR

3 QR
Tea 1 Liter

24 QR
Karak 1 Liter

28 QR

4 QR