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Try Karak Gholam! a restaurant situated in Qatar and offers a variety of Arabic that is delivered throughout Fereej Al Amir, Al Khor and Al Thakhira municipalities in Qatar. They provide a variety of dishes and meals to pick from and order through Snoonu app. Users have rated the restaurant with a 4.6 and reviewed it 286 times. Order now and enjoy fast delivery with Snoonu within 15 minutes.

Best Selling


Mini Box Chapati

12 pcs chapati sandwich cut into 3 pcs.

149 QR
Mix Box 1

3 Pav (falafel, turkey, nutella), 6pcs Sambosa (2potato, 2 falafel, 2 keema),2pcs Chapati (gholam egg, chicken saffron)

90 QR
Mix Box 2

2 pav (mortadella, thick cream),6pcs Sambosa (2cheese, 2vegetable, 2falafel), 6pcs Chapati (gholam steak, butterchicken, falafel, cheese, egg and cheese, gholam egg)

124 QR
Mix Box 3

3pav (falafel, halloumi, nutella), 9 pcs Sambosa (3keema, 3potato, 3vegetable), 4Chapati (falafel, egg and cheese, gholam steak, butter chicken)

123 QR
Mix Box 4

2 Hamsa (balilit, keema),6pcs Sambosa (2falafel, 2 cheese, 2potato), 2 Chapati (gholam egg, mortadella), 1 Pav (nutella)

95 QR
Special Family Box Chapati

Special Family Box Chapati Choose your flavor: Chapati (12 pcs)

199 QR
Special Mix Box

Special Mix Box Choose your flavor : Chapati (8pcs) Pav (2X3pcs) Sambosa (6pcs)

179 QR
Twister Wrap Sandwich

Crispy fried chicken twister sandwich with lettuce slices, tomatoes and mayonnaise sauce served in tortilla or chapati bread.

14 QR
Kebda-Liver Wrap Sandwich

Meat liver sandwich, 100 grams, with secret recipe and tahini sauce, served in tortilla or chapati bread

16 QR
Butter Chicken Chapati

Indian-Style Roasted Chicken In Butter Sauce Base

20 QR
Egg And Cheese Chapati

Scrambled Egg Topped With Cheddar Cheese

12 QR
Plain Egg Chapati

Scrambled Egg

9 QR
Falafel Chapati

Crushed Falafel Mixed With Cheese, Tomatoes, Coriander Leaves And Onions

9 QR
Gholam Egg Chapati

Scrambled Egg With Tomato Based Sauce And Dill Leaves.

12 QR
Gholam Steak Chapati

Beef With Mint Sauce

19 QR
Halloumi Chapati

Grilled Halloumi With Zatar And Sundried Tomotoes

12 QR
Cheese Spread Sandwich

Cheese Spread

9 QR
Labneh Chapati

Labneh Mix With Zatar Olive Oil And Tomatoes

9 QR
Mortadella And Cheese Chapati

Grilled Mortadella With Mayo And Cheddar Cheese

9 QR