Karak Gholam

Delivery time

28-33 Min


5.31 km

Working hours

OpenUntil 11:59 pm



Best Selling

179 QR

Special Mix Box

27 QR

Butter Chicken Hamsa

20 QR

Butter Chicken Chapati

25 QR

Keema Hamsa

12 QR

Gholam Egg Chapati

12 QR

Pav Falafel

20 QR

Gholam Egg Hamsa

30 QR

Brownie Cake


Plain Chapati

4 QR

Keema Chapati

Ground Beef With Green Peas And Potato Cooked In Tomatoes

15 QR

Turkey And Cheese Chapati

Grilled Turkey With Mayo And Cheddar Cheese

12 QR

Thick Cream Honey Chapati

Sweet Combination Of Cream And Honey

9 QR

Saffron Chicken Chapati

Grilled Chicken In Saffron Based Sauce

22 QR

Nutella Chapati

Nutella Spread

9 QR

Nutella With Strawberry Chapati

Nutella With Sliced Strawberry

14 QR

Cheese And Mushroom Omelette Chapati

Grilled Mushroom And Cheese Cooked On Chapati

14 QR

Mortadella And Cheese Chapati

Grilled Mortadella With Mayo And Cheddar Cheese

9 QR

Labneh Chapati

Labneh Mix With Zatar Olive Oil And Tomatoes

9 QR

Cheese spread sandwich

9 QR

Halloumi Chapati

Grilled Halloumi With Zatar And Sundried Tomotoes

12 QR

Gholam Steak Chapati

Beef With Mint Sauce

19 QR

Gholam Egg Chapati

Scrambled Egg With Tomato Based Sauce

12 QR

Falafel Chapati

Crushed Falafel Mixed With Cheese Spread Tomatoes And Onions

9 QR

Plain Egg Chapati

Scrambled Egg

9 QR

Egg And Cheese Chapati

Scrambled Egg Topped With Cheddar Cheese

12 QR

Butter Chicken Chapati

Indian Dish With Butter Sauce

20 QR

Pav Turkey And Cheese

Grilled Turkey With Mayo And Cheddar Cheese

17 QR

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