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Indulge in the authentic flavors of Karak Nadia, now available at your fingertips in Qatar via Snoonu! Explore our diverse menu brimming with traditional delights, handpicked for your gastronomic pleasure. With Karak Nadias unique culinary offerings and Snoonus rapid delivery, a world of flavour is just a click away. So why wait? Experience the essence of Karak Nadia today. Order now and let us deliver the magic of our kitchen straight to your door!

Best Selling


Hamsat Box

100 QR
Sunny Side up Eggs Hamsa

10 QR
Shakshuka Egg Hamsa

15 QR
Liver Hasma

30 QR
Lentils With Peppers Hamsa

20 QR
Regular Beans Hamsa

12 QR
Spicy Foul Hamsa

15 QR
Oqda Chicken With Vegetables Hamsa

20 QR
Tuna Hamsa

15 QR
Chapati Box

50 QR
Box Meataf

60 QR
Cheese And Thyme Chapati

5 QR
Ratib Chapati

2 QR
Egg Chapati

4 QR
Shakshuka Egg Chapati

6 QR
Boiled Egg Chapati

5 QR
Oqda Chicken And Cheese Chapati

8 QR
Tuna And Cheese Chapati

5 QR
Chapati Egg Cheese Chips Oman

6 QR