Karak Spicy

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29-34 Min


3.09 km

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OpenUntil 10:00 pm



Best Selling

25 QR

Snickers Chocolate Crepe


Spicy Chapati

Chapati with Special cheese with chili sauce and egg

10 QR

Plain Chapati

Plain chapati bread

5 QR

Chapati With Jam

Chapati With Spreaded Strawberry Jam

7 QR

Chapati Meat Egg And Cheese

Mince beef with egg and cheese

12 QR

Chapati Shakshuka

Chapati with delicious eggs mixed with vegetable and cheese

12 QR

Chapati Lotus

Chapati with lotus Biscuit spread

8 QR

Chapati Peanut Butter With Honey

Chapati with peanut butter and honey

8 QR

Chapati Egg With Cheese

Chapati With Egg And Cream Cheese

8 QR

Chapati With Cheese

Chapati Bread With Cream Cheese

7 QR

Chapati With Honey

7 QR

Dynamite Chicken Chapati

Chapati Rolled With Fried Chicken Fingers, Dynamite Sauce And Cheddar Cheese

23 QR

Chapati Platter

79 QR

Vine Leaves

Vine leaves with pomegranate Sauce

27 QR

Dallah Green Tea

1 litre Dallah Green tea with mint

53 QR


Water (330 ml)

2 QR

Dallah Red Tea

1 litre Dallah turkish tea

53 QR

Dallah Chocolate Chai Latte

1 litre Dallah Tea,milk and chocolate

65 QR

Dallah Thyme

1 litre Dallah Herbs boiled in water

53 QR

Dallah Ginger With Cinamon

1 litre Dallah Fresh ginger boiled with cinnamon sticks

53 QR

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