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45-50 Min


9.27 km

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Best Selling

43 QR

Shishlik Kebab

150 QR

Special Dish For 4 Person Without Dish

35 QR

Lari Kebab


Kashkeh Bademjan

Grilled eggplants, mint, garlic and sun-dried yogurt

12 QR


10 QR


Boiled chickpeas blended in a creamy texture with tahina

10 QR

Mast O Khiar

Yogurt and cucumber

8 QR

Shirazi Salad

Cucumber, tomato,onions, tossed in fresh lime juice

9 QR


1 QR

Ash E Reshteh

Persian soup with chickpeas, red kidney beans, parsley, coriander, spinach, and noodles.

15 QR

Rice With Saffron And Barberry

10 QR

French Fries

7 QR

Chenjeh Kebab

Beef chunks marinated with onions

35 QR

Khoresht E Bamieh With Rice

Lamb,tomato sauce, baby okra, rice with barberry and saffron

35 QR

Joojeh Masti Kebab

Marinated chicken with yogurt, onion and saffron

24 QR

Joojeh Kebab

Marinated chicken with onion and saffron

29 QR

Khoresht E Gheymeh With Rice

lamb cooked,yellow split peas and tomato sauce, rice with barberry and saffron

35 QR

Lari Kebab

Beef chunks marinated with onions and yogurt

35 QR

Koobideh Kebab

Minced lamb meat with onion

25 QR

Shishlik Kebab

marinated lamb chops with onion and saffron

43 QR

Zereshk Polo Morgh

Chicken leg, rice with barberry and saffron

30 QR

Koobideh Kebab Sandwich

Minced lamb meat with onion, Bread

20 QR

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