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Introducing Kebab Khatoon, your go-to destination for delectable kababs in Qatar. With a menu that satisfies all your cravings, we offer a wide range of mouthwatering options that will leave you wanting more. At Kebab Khatoon, we take pride in our unique offerings that set us apart from the rest. Our kababs are made with locally-sourced, high-quality ingredients, ensuring a burst of flavors in every bite. Whether you're a meat lover or a vegetarian, our menu has something for everyone.

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Ash-e Reshte

Deliciously cooked group of vermicelli Persian noodles, herbs, Kidney Beans and chickpeas, parsley, Spring Onions, Coriander and Spinach

24 QR
Bademjan leh shodeh

Fried eggplant, sun-dried yoghurt and mint paste

24 QR
Salad-e Shirazi

A mixture of finely diced cucumber, tomato and onion in a tangy mint, lime dressing

20 QR
Mast-o Khiar

Whipped yoghurt and freshly roasted walnut, raisins, crispy cucumber dusted with dried mint

19 QR
Salad-e choghondar

Beetroot with pomegranate drizzled with anar juice and fresh cilantro leaves & feta cheese

19 QR
Mast Choghondar

Beetroot and labneh with yoghurt, salt and pepper

23 QR
Kabab-e javaher Khatoon

Juicy lamb skewer infused in onion , tomato, spices and golden saffron with Red Capsicum

64 QR
Kebab-e Shishlik

Lamb chops marinated in onion, crushed black pepper and tomato

97 QR
Kabab pesteh

Juicy lamb skewer infused in onion , garlic, pestachio seeds

72 QR
Kebab-e Bakhtiyari

Combination of chicken breast and beef kebab marinated in saffron, olive oil and shallots

64 QR
Kabab-e Bademjan

Juicy lamb skewer infused in onion and golden saffron served with Eggplant

64 QR
Bonab Kabab

Ground Lamb Kebab, Onion & Saffron mixed with parsley

62 QR
Kabab-e Jooje maste Oregano

Chicken Breast Marinated Fresh Lemon, Laban & Yoghurt and thyme

53 QR
Mixed Platter Kebab For 2 Persons

your choice of kebab for 2 person with Saffron rice

160 QR
Mixed Platter Kebab For 3 Persons

your choice of kebab for 3 person with Saffron rice

210 QR

Blend of Yoghurt, Dried Mint & Salt mixed with sparkling water

16 QR
Normal DOOGH

Blend of Yoghurt , Dried Mint & Salt

14 QR