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Introducing Keema - the ultimate destination for mouthwatering keema chapati in Qatar. Indulge in our flavorful and savory keema chapati, made with the finest ingredients and served hot to your doorstep. With our extensive menu options, including traditional keema flavors and unique twists, we are sure to satisfy your cravings. At Keema, we take pride in our exclusive deals and specialties. Our keema chapati is prepared with utmost care, ensuring every bite is a burst of deliciousness.

Best Selling


Royal Breakfast Box 8 Platters

Sellection 8 of : ( Keema, Egg,Foul, Hummus, Chiken Shawarma, Cheese, Honey, Pens, Labneh with Zataar,Falafel, Hummus Beaurti, Hummus with beetroot, Motabal, Chicken Liver, Patata Harra, Green Salad) with Arabic bread.

150 QR
Mix Chapati Sandwiches Medium Box

Mixed chapati sandwiches, keema, vegetables, falafel, chicken, eggs and cheese with Oman chips.

100 QR
Mini Samosa Medium Box

Mini samosa mix, potatoes, cheese, vine leaves and falafel.

70 QR
Launch And Dinner Sandwiches Medium Box

Mixed chapati sandwiches of keema, vegetables, falafel, chicken, kofta and shish tawook.

120 QR
Mix Mini Samosa Small Box

Mini sambousa: potato, cheese, vine leaves and falafel

50 QR
Junior Sambousa box

Junior Sambousa( 4 Chicken, 4 Chesse,8 Potato & 4 Meat, 4 spinach)

50 QR
Junior Mix Box Sambousa And Sandwiches

mix 18 sandwiches and 12 sambusa

60 QR
Mix Chapati Sandwiches Small Box

Mixed Chapati sandwiches: keema, butter chicken, eggs with cheese, cheese with Oman chips, chicken mayonnaise and falafel.

50 QR
Jumbo Mixed Sandwich Box

keema Meat, Liver, Butter Chicken,Chicken Mayo,Egg With Cheese. Cheese with Chips oman, Mix Sambusa ( Cheese, Chicken, Potato)

150 QR
6 Platters Box

Sellection 6 platers of Chiken Shawarma , keema, Liver, Foul, Hummus, Halloumi cheese, Falafel, Green Salad , Mutable.

80 QR
Baba Ghanouj

15 QR
Mutabal Plate

Mutabal Plate with 2 Arabic bread or chapati.

14 QR
Hummus Plate

Hummus with 2 Arabic bread or chapati.

12 QR
Labneh with Zaatar Plate

Labneh plate with thyme and 2 Arabic bread or chapati.

12 QR
Potato Harra Plate

Potato , Spices

14 QR
Green Salad

15 QR

16 QR

15 QR
Chicken Liver Plate

Chicken Liver Plate with 2 Arabic bread or chapati.

15 QR