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Experience the royal flavors with the King of Spice Restaurant, the true monarch of tantalizing cuisines. Explore the King of Spice Menu, a culinary journey of delectable dishes that elevate your taste experience to regal heights. By choosing Snoonu for your King of Spice orders, youre ensuring the fastest and most reliable delivery right to your doorstep. Dont just eat, feast like a king with King of Spice. Start your gastronomic adventure now, place your order with Snoonu!

Best Selling


Butter Chicken Masala With Parotta

20 QR
Beef Masala With Parotta

20 QR
Chicken Hyderabadi Biriyani Half With Pepsi

19 QR
Chicken Fried Rice With Pepsi

19 QR
Beef Fried Rice With Pepsi

20 QR
Pepper Calamari

A Batter-coated, Deep-fried Squid Flavored With A Pepper Spice Mixture.

30 QR
Chicken Wings Bbq

Baked Chicken Wings Smothered In Barbecue Sauce.

25 QR
Chicken Wings Parmesan Cheese

Baked Chicken Wings Smothered In Parmesan.

25 QR
Chicken Wings Buffalo Sauce

Baked Chicken Wings Smothered In Buffalo Sauce.

25 QR
Chicken Strips

Batter-fried Chicken Without Skin Or Bones

28 QR
Chicken Lollipop

Chicken Lollipop Is A Popular Indo-chinese Appetizer Where A Chicken Drumette Is Marinated And Then Batter Fried Or Baked Until Crisp.

25 QR
Firecracker Shrimp

Juicy Shrimp Coated In A Crispy, Seasoned Batter And Fried Until Golden

35 QR
French Fries

Deep-Fried Potatoes Frites

10 QR

Fried Puff-pastry Balls Filled With Spiced Mashed Potato, Spiced Water, And Tamarind Juice.

12 QR
Cheese Croquettes

A Deep-fried Roll Originating In French Cuisine, Consisting Of A Thick Binder Combined With A Filling, Which Is Then Breaded.

28 QR
Tempura Prawns

Shrimp Tempura Is Raw Shrimp Dipped Into Tempura Batter And Deep-fried.

35 QR
Zinger Burger

A Crispy Chicken Placed Between Toasted Buns And Stacked With Tabasco Sauce, Pink Sauce, Cheddar Cheese And Salad.

19 QR
Chicken Shawarma Classic Medium

Layers Of Specially Marinated Chicken Meat Slowly Roasted On A Rotating Vertical Spit Filled In Bread With French Fries And Choice Of Sauces

8 QR
Cordon Blue

200 grams of chicken breasts with meat and cheese wrapped in bread crumbs and fried

25 QR