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Embark on an extraordinary Arabian gastronomic journey at our esteemed Arabian Restaurant in Doha, Qatar. Immerse yourself in the flavors of the Middle East as we expertly fuse traditional and contemporary tastes to captivate your senses. Indulge in a swift lunch or a romantic dinner from our diverse menu, meticulously crafted to cater to all palates.

Best Selling


Shrimp Macaroni

Macaroni With Red Souc +grilled Shrimp

35 QR
Mincid Meat Macaroni

Macaroni With Red Souc +munched Munched Mutton

35 QR
Chicken Macaroni

Macaroni With Red Souc +half Grilled Makena Chicken

35 QR
Potatoes With Chicken

Potato cooked with tomatoes, spices and chicken

17 QR
Mixed Vegetable Casserole

A group of mixed vegetables cooked in tomato sauce in the oven

13 QR
Mutton soup

Mutton soup with special spices

5 QR
Tahena Salad

Semsame Tahini Sauce Mixed With Spicial Spices And Olive

9 QR
Dynamite Fries

French Fries Mixed With Dynamite Souc

19 QR
Daqus salad

Tomato mixed with oriental spices 100g

3 QR
Hummus With Tahini

10 QR
Mix Appetizer Large

Green salad , fattoush salad , hummus with tahini , pickles , baba ganoush

25 QR

35 QR
Creme Caramel

10 QR
Gulab Jamun

8 QR
Plate Rice

Mandi, Biryani

10 QR
Chicken Mandi M

Chicken cooked with qatari mandi spices and special Herbs

25 QR
Kids Meal

3 Pcs Chicken Stripes +fries +ketchup

15 QR
Um Ali

19 QR
Charcoal Grilled Half Chicken

19 QR