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Discover the unique flavors of Komar Pot, the go-to destination for delicious and authentic pot dishes. With our mouthwatering selection and fast delivery through Snoonu, you can enjoy a satisfying meal in the comfort of your own home. Our pots are simmered to perfection, combining savory meats, fresh vegetables, and aromatic spices for a truly unforgettable dining experience.

Best Selling


Shrimp Soup

our unique shrimp soup

25 QR
Dal Tadaka Soup

Dal soup with Indian flavor

15 QR
Vegetables Soup

Vegetable soup prepared by Komar kitchen

15 QR
Yogurt & Cucumber Salad

A mixture of cucumber and yogurt with pieces of mint

10 QR
Shrimp Curry

Shrimp Curry with Indian Spices

28 QR
Garlic Shrimp Fusion

27 QR
Butter Shrimp Masala Curry

creamy sauce with shrimp, and komar pot special spices and thick cream for more taste

38 QR
Butter Meat Masala

A plate of meat pieces with delicious butter Hamsa

35 QR
Paneer Butter Masala

Paneer Cheese dish and distinctive butter gravy

28 QR
Butter Chicken Masala

Chicken dish and distinctive chicken amputation

35 QR
Chicken 65 Hamsa

A plate of delicious and distinctive chicken 65

28 QR
Meat Masala

A plate of meat pieces with delicious indian Hamsa

30 QR
Vegetable Curry

Curry dish of assorted vegetables with Indian flavor

16 QR
Sabzi Curry


20 QR
Majles Shrimp Biryani

biryani shrimp rice served with  Hot Suace & Butter Masala Sauce

180 QR
Chicken Biryani

35 QR
Plain Rice

10 QR
Vegetable Biryani

18 QR
Chicken Saffron With Saffron Rice

Saffron rice dish with grilled saffron chicken pieces served with yoghurt & cucumber sauce

35 QR