Kopi Cup

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Best Selling

14 QR

Kopi C

29 QR

Combo 2

14 QR

Milo Shake

18 QR

Spinach And Mushroom Sandwich


Chicken Satay

Seasoned, skewered and grilled chicken served with peanut sauce

34 QR

Nasi Lemak

Aromatic rice served with fried chicken, fried local anchovies, peanuts, eggs, cucumber slices and sambal ( spicy chili paste)

39 QR

Tornado Rice

Mixed Fried Red Rice Cooked With Special Butter Served With A Swirly Egg On Top

34 QR

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Hainanese Chicken Rice is a dish of poached chicken and seasoned rice, served with 3 sauces and cucumber slices

39 QR

Mee Goreng

Stir fried noodle dish made with chicken, vegetables and a fried egg on top with condiments on the side

34 QR

Kung Pao Chicken

a spicy stir fried dish made with cubes of chicken, cashew nuts, vegetables and chili peppers served with rice on the side

34 QR


Fried Rice With Veggies And Special Sauce Served With Japanese Style Omelette

39 QR

Nasi Goreng

stir fried rice dish made with vegetables, chicken and fried egg on top with condiments on the side

34 QR

Peanut Toast

Aromatic Homemade Peanut Jam (Freshly Prepared Everyday)

7 QR

Saffron Toast

Flavorful Jam Infused With Saffron And Cardamom (Freshly Prepared Everyday)

7 QR

Toast Box

Your Choice Of 4 Flavors Of Toast

25 QR

Kaya Toast

The Original Coconut Jam With Sliced Butter (Freshly Prepared Everyday)

7 QR

Black Sesame Toast

Sweet Roasted Black Sesame With Sliced Butter (Freshly Prepared Everyday)

7 QR

Dal curry

Seasoned Mashed Yellow lentil with Veg

14 QR

Green Salad

mix garden salad with lemon dressing

15 QR


rice porridge served with savory condiments on the side

10 QR

Dal Sandwich

Spicy Lentil Mixed With Aromatic Herbs And Scrambled Eggs

12 QR

Chicken Sandwich

boneless chicken with homemade mix of beetroot salad and herbs

20 QR

Cheesy Egg Sandwich

Boiled Eggs Mixed With Fresh Herbs, Mayo And Cheese

14 QR

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