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Introducing Kottouf And Sweets, your go-to destination for delectable treats in Qatar. From the moment you step inside, you'll be captivated by our unique offerings and exceptional service. As one of the leading sweet shops in the area, we take pride in offering a wide range of mouthwatering delights that are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

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Coffee Beans, Hazelnuts And Almonds Covered With Milk Chocolate

75 QR

65 QR
Gardenia Tray New Mix 133022

138 QR
Qattouf Jewels

73 QR
Luxurious Baklava 450 Grams Qattouf

49 QR
Bruno Qattouf

94 QR
Art Caramel Qattouf 340 Gm

64 QR
Gardenia Mix 130497

74 QR
Diala Qattouf

A luxury chocolate box for gifts and occasions, about 32 pieces, a mix of 8 flavors (cinnamon - hazelnuts and oranges - vanilla - strawberries - cookies and cream - hazelnuts and strawberries - milk - dark chocolate cream)

90 QR
Toffee Caramel S10082

65 QR
Lily 260 Grams Qattouf And Hala

50 QR
Khawatir Of Qattouf

Mixed luxury chocolate, more than 12 flavors and more than 60 pieces in luxury boxes for gifts, occasions and hospitality.

198 QR
Arla Qattouf 680 Gm

100 QR
Ramsa 124741

55 QR
Cookies And Cream 125993

62 QR
Pascal Qattouf 500Gm

95 QR
Choco Mix 3 Flavors 130065

79 QR
Chocolate Cookies And Cream

45 QR
Emerald Chocolate

54 QR

90 QR