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Try La Gazele! a restaurant situated in Qatar and offers a variety of Error: Script tag with JSON data not found in URL: that is delivered throughout Qatar. They provide a variety of dishes and meals to pick from and order through Snoonu app. Users have rated the restaurant with a 4.6 and reviewed it 25 times. Order now and enjoy fast delivery with Snoonu within 22 minutes.

Best Selling


Box Taghmissat Lagazele

Labneh Zaytoun Zaatar -Labnah Avocado-Labnah Beetroot -Labnah Muhammara - Pickles - Red Gourd- Eggplant- Hummus -Bread Plain - Bread Samaq - Bread Semsem - Bread Zaatar 

200 QR
Traditional Sweets In Jar

Khabis - Sago -Balalit -Assida - Sweet Balls

250 QR
Indian Breakfast In Jar

Lentil - Vegetables - Kimmah - Chapati

250 QR
Buffet Hot Breakfast

Potato Spicy - Foul -Vegetables Boild Egg - Cauliflower- Lentil -Chicken Liver Shakshouka - Kimmah - Libanis Bread

250 QR
Buffet Cold Breakfast

Halloumi Grilled With Tomato Falafel- Salad Grilled -Potatoes And Eggplant -Labneh Zaatar -Olives -Hummus -Muhammara - Fetta Cheese -Lebanese Bread

250 QR
Lebanese Breakfast In Jar

Foul- Falafel - Moutaball- Olives - Hummus - Arabic Bread

250 QR
Box Round Traditional Sweets

Khabis - Sago -Balalit -Assida - Sweet Balls

350 QR
Arabic Breakfast In Jar

Chicken Liver -Shakshouka Boild Eggs - Labneh - Zaatar - Arabic Bread

250 QR
Box English Muffin Color

Beef Burger- Falafel With Eggplant - Cheese With Egg - Chicken Buffallo Spicy -Grild Halloum

250 QR
Micro Buger Beef

American Angos - Cheese- Mayonaise - Ketchup

100 QR
Box Mini Sandwiches And Makhbouzat

Makbouzat Chicken Tandori  Mini Sandwiches : Falafel - Chicken Mayonnaise - Halloum  - Chicken Mousakhan - Labnah Dora - Labnah Zaytoun - Labnah Zaatar - Labnah Roman - Chicken Burger 

300 QR
Salted Appetizer Box

Waraq Enab - Mousakhan Rool - Mini Fyounga - Spring Rool - Fatayer Cheese - Fatayer Falafel - Mini Kebba - Pizza

300 QR
Box Mix Fatayer Micro And Waraq Enab

Chicken Mousakhan Rool - Spring Rool Vegetables An Chicken - Micro Kebba - Sandwiches Balls -Cheese - Falafel - Chicken Burger - Labneh - Micro Waraq Enab 

150 QR
Plate Mousakhan Chicken Roll

Chicken Mousakhan 

220 QR
Box Mix With Saj

Sandwiches Balls -Saj -Fatayer

250 QR
Medium Tray Mix Magliyat

Vegetables - Vegetables With Chicken - Samboussa Pakistani - Kebbeh (Falafel- Chicken - Laham-Cheese) Hallom With Zaytoun

120 QR
Medium Tray Mix Salty Food

Falafel Mahroussa- Chicken Burger -Chicken Mayonaise -Labnah Dora - Labnah Zaatar - Labnah Zytoun - Labnah Roman-Zaatar-Halloumi Cheese -Pizza - Potatos Rool With Chicken - Makbouzat Chicken Tandori- Waraq Enab

150 QR
Box Buffet Burger, Saj And Sandwiches Balls

Chicken Burger - Beef Burger Saj : Chicken Tandori  - Chicken Mayonnaise - Chicken Mousakhan - Falafel  Sandwiches Balls : Cheese -  Chicken Mayonnaise - Chicken Mousakhan - Falafel

350 QR
Medium Tray Mix Sandwiches & Fatayer

Falafel Mahroussa-Chicken Mousakhan- Chicken Mayonaise-Chicken Burger-Labnah Dora - Labnah Zaatar - Labnah Zytoun - Labnah Roman-Zaatar-Halloumi Cheese -Pizza -Spinach

130 QR