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Indulge in the finest Italian flavors at La Luce Qatar. Experience a culinary journey like no other at our restaurant. From mouthwatering pizzas to delectable pastas and refreshing salads, we have it all. Delight in the comfort of your home as you savor our exquisite dishes. With our easy online ordering system, you can have your favorite Italian delicacies delivered fast, right to your doorstep. La Luce is not just a restaurant, it's an experience that will transport you to the heart of Italy.

Best Selling


Hash Brown

32 QR

33 QR
Mankouche Zaatar

24 QR
Lamb Liver

39 QR
Foul Modamas

30 QR

25 QR

36 QR
Fatteh Eggplant

Fatteh eggplant with roasted pine nuts and ghee

34 QR

35 QR
Hungarian Mushroom Soup

Mixed mushrooms with brown broth

39 QR
Pumpkin Soup

Roasted pumpkin soup with creamy coconut and a bread stick

37 QR
Lentin Soup

Lemon lentil soup with sour cream and green croton

37 QR
Tzatziki Muhammara

Tortilla bread, chili paste, walnuts, pomegranate seeds and Turkish yogurt

36 QR
Grape Leaves

Molasses sauce Grape leaves

32 QR
Panaramic Hummus

Panoramic hummus Our traditional Homos topped with pesto sauce with crispy bread

37 QR
Hummus Beetroot

37 QR
Greek Moutable

Grilled eggplants, Greek yogurt, and ,fresh herbs with tahina sauce pomegranate seeds, pumpkin seeds

36 QR
Risotto Cheese Ball

30 QR
Chicken Liver Lzmir

Sautéed chicken liver, pomegranate seeds, roasted sesame seed, molasses

45 QR