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Vegetables Plate

7 QR

Signature Shakshuka

Poached eggs shakshuka with tomatoes, peppers and vegetables

16 QR

Fatteh Chickpeas

Refreshing chickpeas fatteh with yogurt, fried bread, extra virgin olive oil and almonds

18 QR

Falafel Plate

6 pcs of Homemade delicious Falafel, served with tahini sauce

12 QR

Foul Mudammas (Fava Beans)

250G of Homemade foul with onions, garlic, diced tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil

16 QR

Musabbaha Chickpeas

200G of premium chickpeas in a homemade tahini sauce with garlic and extra virgin olive oil

16 QR

Lunch Boxes

Our special lunch box consisting of your choice of side salad, mixed sambousek, your choice of main dish and baklawa

55 QR

Jewelled Stuffed Vine Leaves

Vine leaves stuffed with a mixture of prime rice, vegetables, and spices.

20 QR

The Eggplant Mutabbal

The Queen Of Vegetables! Chargrilled Eggplants Puree, Mixed With Premium Tahini And Fresh Lemon Juice, Finished With Pomegranate Caviar

26 QR

Hommos With Basil

Our Original Hummus Bil Tahini, Mixed With A Bouquet Of Fresh Basil And Herbs

20 QR

Hommos Bel Tahini

Authentic Lebanese Recipe Of Chickpeas Puree, Carefully Mixed With Premium Tahini And Fresh Lemon Juice

18 QR

Chef's Famous Muhammara

Our Executive Chefs Long Preserved Recipe Of Chargrilled Peppers, Premium South American Walnuts And Extra Virgin Olive Oil

38 QR

Lebanese Tabbouleh

Fresh Chopped Parsley, Diced Tangy Tomatoes And Onions, Seasoned With Fresh Lemon Juice And Extra Virgin Olive Oil

26 QR

Hommos With Beetroot

Our Original Hommos Bel Tahini, Mixed With A Fresh And Velvety Beetroot Puree

20 QR


A Garden Of Fresh Vegetables And Herbs, All Mixed With Baked Sumac Bread Rolls And Finished With An Exquisite Pomegranate Molasses Sauce

26 QR

Crispy French Fries

Deep Fried Until Golden And Crunchy, Lightly Seasoned With Sea Salt

10 QR

Hummus With Muhammara

Our Original Hommos Bel Tahini, Mixed With The Best Muhammara You Will Ever Taste

26 QR

Hommos With Crispy Beef Shawarma

Our Original Hommos Bil Tahini, Topped With Our Crispy And Juicy Beef Shawarma Flakes

22 QR

Iskandar Bread

Traditional Clay Oven Baked Thick Bread, Topped With A Premium Sesame Mix

6 QR

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