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Lhardy Cafe: The Home of Molasses in Qatar & Delightful Breads Indulge in the unique flavors of Lhardy Cafe, the ultimate destination for molasses lovers in Qatar. Our cafe is renowned for its exquisite variety of molasses, offering a wide range of flavors that will tantalize your taste buds. From classic favorites like date and grape to exotic blends like pomegranate and apple, we have a molasses flavor to suit every palate.

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Mini Sandwich Box

Halloumi , chicken mayo egg with cheese , turkey and cheese , tuna

150 QR

127.5 QR


Marshmallow Dessert

35 QR

29.75 QR


Croll Sandwich Box

A New York Style Rolled Croissant Filled With Feta Cheese 3pcs Turkey And Cheese 3pcs Chicken Mayo 3pcs Halloumi 3pcs

190 QR

161.5 QR


San Sebastian Sliced

32 QR

27.25 QR


Profiteroles Box

Vanilla Cream Custard With Milk Chocolate

230 QR

195.5 QR
Special Mini Sandwiches Box

230 QR
Sandwich Box 2 Pieces

Two types of sandwich of your choice

55 QR
Taco Box 6 pcs.

6 tacos with the following flavors (chicken, beef, falafel)

150 QR
Taco Box 2 pcs.

60 QR
Mini Taco Box

falafel , beef , chicken

160 QR
Sandwich Box 6 Pieces

6 types of sandwich by choice

125 QR
Croissant Mix

16 Pieces Of Delicious Croissant 4 Pcs Chocolate 4pcs Strawberry 4pcs Pistachio 4 Psc Almond Cream

180 QR
Signature Croissants Box

Croissant Box 16 Pcs 4 Pcs Beef Lhardy 4 Pcs Chicken Lhardy 4 Pcs Turkey With Cheese 4 Pcs Egg With Cheese

180 QR
Mini Carrot Cake Box

Delicious Carrot Cake With Cream Cheese

180 QR
Croll Dessert Box

New York Style sweets filled with chocolate and pistachio

220 QR
San Sebastian Whole Cheese Cake

260 QR
Honey Cake

Delicious Honey Cake Whole

220 QR
Croissant 4 Flavors

180 QR
Cold Coffee Summer Box

* Cold Spanish Late * Cold Rose Latte * Cold Red Velvet Latte * Cold Caramel Machiato * Cold Vanilla Ice Shaken * Cold Lhardy Signature

220 QR